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Gentleman Scholar Renames and Relaunches as Scholar

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
Ten years on, award-winning production company refines its craft

2020 represents the tenth anniversary of Gentleman Scholar, the live-action and animation-based production company launched in Los Angeles by directors/partners William Campbell and Will Johnson. In honour of the occasion, the award-winning visionaries and their colleagues are very proud to announce the relaunch of their venture as Scholar.

"We could not be more grateful for the legacy we have achieved over our first 10 years in business together," William and Will began. "We are excited to take a moment and celebrate what inspires us. Now and into the future, Scholar is a sophisticated evolution of who we are. It's precise and deliberate. It's cinematic with a design-driven touch, and through our sharpened identity, we are stronger... and even more dedicated to creative excellence."

Since launching in 2010, Scholar's success has reached considerable heights. Partners in recent, high-profile, far-reaching marketing campaigns for Audi, Beats by Dre, Exxon Mobile, Facebook, Google, Porsche, REI, Samsung, Target and Timberland – alongside the world's leading marketers – the company constantly attracts a steady flow of emerging talents. Regarding the studio's wide array of multi-disciplinary creators, William commented, "I'm always impressed with the passion everyone pours in and the talent and capability of everyone who works here."

The company's new website – a snapshot of its signature design and animation and inventive live-action works – showcases Scholar's evolved storytelling style and the patent production approaches behind its hallmark projects. Of course, that includes the company's widely hailed Bleacher Report #SportsAlphabet. "What I loved," Will said, "was how the whole Scholar crew sat in a room together to dissect visuals, to unpack words and metaphors and decipher the best way to approach the spot. We did it our way, applying our personalities and skills to solve the riddle."

Across the board, Scholar's commitment to iconic creativity still rings true. "The creative industry changes every day, and those dynamics affect how we create and craft," added Scholar's managing directors, Jo Arghiris and Christina Roldan. "Unifying around Scholar is an uplifting, highly intentional movement, demonstrating our commitments to continuous improvement, to all of our people, and to the positive, hard-working spirit that unites us."

Moving into the future, Scholar's visionaries fully appreciate everything it takes to be a tried-and-true juggernaut in the creative industry. Throughout the world, a scholar is associated with a strong work ethic; perfectionism in one's passions; being a respectful and creative person who inspires teammates and boldly embraces the unknown. For every Scholar, a force emanates from within, driven to new heights by a company culture where success is mutually rewarding, and phenomenally fun and exciting.

To join the celebration, follow Scholar on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo, or visit here.

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