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From Customer Experience to Citizen Experience
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Paris, France
Sebastien Houdusse, Chief Strategy Officer at BETC Fullsix, shares key learnings from Havas CX Proprietary Customer Experience Barometer

The 2022 X Index from Havas CX, Havas Group’s global customer experience network, outlines the best way to create the most meaningful customer experience.

The X Index, which is in its fourth year, surveyed 50,000 consumers across nine markets (US, UK, France, China, Brazil, Turkey, India, Portugal and Spain) and evaluated the customer experience performance of 500 brands.

We identify four factors to brand building, which are the purchase experience, customer service, the customer relationship, and brand image, and five measures that are essential steps to customer experience satisfaction: brand image, purchase, customer service, relationship, and product and service experience.

The main finding resides in the fact that brand image is the strongest contributor to the X Index. We can positively state that customer experience is first and foremost a brand experience. Solving customers’ pain points is essential but solving them in a unique, brand-oriented way also is crucial.

This year’s X Index research reveals that increased consumer expectations around trust, sustainability and inclusivity are now impacting the evaluation of customer experience, with brands being assessed on the concrete actions they deliver to create a welcoming experience for all – shifting the traditional idea of customer experience to citizen experience.

Beyond delivering a satisfying customer experience, brands must offer a citizen experience - one that takes into account the growing demand for community, equity and a purpose beyond profits.

The X Index identified four key overarching principles to create a best-in-class citizen experience:
  • Commit to trust. Building trust is all about keeping your commitments and also being there in times of crisis.
  • Build an experience that includes everyone. Inclusivity and community-building are essential to turning a customer experience into a citizen experience.
  • Always be of service. Shoppers have become increasingly time intolerant— deeming delays and inefficient or poorly trained staff unacceptable.
  • Provide for the age of extra. Now that shoppers can purchase an item from a nearly endless variety of retailers, going the extra mile in terms of the customer experience is of paramount importance as a brand differentiator.

And guess which brands came on top in our survey in the respective markets:
  • India: Apple
  • Portugal: Netflix
  • Spain: Michelin
  • Turkey: Waikiki
  • UK: giffgaff
  • US: chewy
  • Brazil: Nubank
  • China: Secoo
  • France: Netflix

The 2022 X Index uncovers a new era in which the customer experience is becoming more meaningful by incorporating elements beyond functionality.