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Forget the Bed and #SleepBedless to Raise Awareness of Homelessness

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London, UK
Campaign created in partnership with Depaul UK, Publicis•Poke and Food for Thought aims to raise awareness and fundraise for hidden homelessness

Depaul UK has launched the #SleepBedless viral campaign – asking the public to sleep without beds for a night to raise awareness of hidden homelessness and fundraise to help cover the charity’s coronavirus crisis costs. 

The crisis has been devastating for young people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, with Covid-19 making their lives, moving from place to places and sleeping on sofas or with strangers in unsafe situations, even more precarious.

Depaul’s research has shown that more than half (55 percent) of young people in hidden homelessness have suffered some form of harm, such as mental or emotional abuse (29 percent), physical assault or abuse (28 percent), being pressured into drinking alcohol or taking drugs (25 percent), being sexually abused or exploited (12 percent) or having their property stolen (36 percent).

Kevin Clements, Depaul UK’s executive director of fundraising and communications, said: “Our services, including our emergency accommodation network Nightstop, give young people the alternative to hidden homelessness that they so desperately need.”

The #SleepBedless campaign simply people to do three simple actions:

  • SLEEP bedless for one night,

  • DONATE £5 to Depaul UK, and

  • NOMINATE three other people to complete the #SleepBedless Challenge.

Dave Monk, Publicis•Poke executive creative director, said: “We mustn’t forget the most vulnerable through this coronavirus crisis. #SleepBedless is a way for the public to take action, raise funds for Depaul and do genuine good in a time of need.”

The campaign idea was developed during a virtual workshop by Food for Thought (ran by Marcella Tarable and Sina Hegny) an initiative that invites agency folk to donate their skills to help a charity in exchange for a nice meal. If you’d like to organise a virtual Food for Thought workshop in your agency, please email

The Campaign Hub, which is now live, here.

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