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Footballers Flamini and Özil Say It's 'Half Time for Our Planet' in New Film

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London, UK
Co-founders of well-being brand UNITY launch stunning film produced by Rattling Stick and Like Minded Individuals

UNITY co-founders and football stars Mathieu Flamini and Mesut Özil partner with Nike’s Breaking2 creative director Rapha Campos to unveil their new well-being brand to the world, designed to put people’s health and our planet on the right path to a sustainable future.

The film is produced by Tracy Stokes at Like Minded Individuals and directed by Rattling Stick’s Ivan Bird.  It opens on a distressing image of a plastic and debris strewn sea, as we hear Mathieu ask for support to stop any further destruction. He explains it is half time for the planet. The film, intercut with stunning images from around the world, follows Mathieu and Mesut walking along a breathtakingly beautiful beach discussing the future of the planet and calling for change.

Director Ivan Bird commented: “This was an incredible and refreshing project to work on. Clients that are driven by their passion. To change things. Make a difference. It was an absolute pleasure working with Mathieu, Mesut, Ibra and Rapha. Looking forward to seeing their company and beliefs grow. I feel very happy to be a part of it.”

UNITY’s first product category is a personal care range, the new brand pledges to strike a harmonious balance between the products created, the packaging used and the positive social impact possibilities, so we can all feel good and do good.

Rapha Campos, creative director, said: “Ivan Bird was the perfect director to join us - his vision and agile execution being the key to deliver a powerful film beyond advertising - a true piece of representation and a rally for kindness to each other and the planet, which is what we all need right now! It is also an incredible honour to work with Tracy Stokes again. She’s the master of crafting every detail of a project - from sound design to grading and music composition - nothing goes untouched.”

Believing that a healthy body and healthy planet are inextricably linked, UNITY understands that effecting real change takes work. Working with nature, not against it, UNITY is dedicated to sourcing materials, identifying new processes and innovating in ways that provide you with the highest quality well-being products in the market. A beautifully designed range using only natural origin ingredients and sustainable packaging sourcing, UNITY is dedicated to making well-being synonymous with sustainability. Because doing the right thing shouldn’t have to be a compromise

Mathieu Flamini & Mesut Özil comment: “UNITY came from a passion to prove that we can do good for ourselves, while also doing good for our planet. The damage that has already been done is irreversible, but we can take charge of what happens next by making better choices. Everybody should have equal access to affordable, natural products that aren’t harmful to the sustainability of our planet and our bodies. UNITY is founded on the belief that progress and improvement only happens when we work together, so we’re hoping we can start to tackle these major global issues as a collective and that our efforts will start to inspire others to follow suit.”

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