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Fold7's Deadly Denim Firetrap Spot Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Editors' Choice: Ian Pons Jewell directs a haunting teaser for urban clothing brand

‘Deadly Denim’, the new spine-chilling advert for Firetrap, has been commissioned and created by industry leaders Fold7 and award-winning director Ian Pons Jewell. The haunting clip has been shot using the high-tech ‘stop frame’ animation technique to fixate-on the darker and deadlier side of the Firetrap brand. The ad also breathes life back into the cult Firetrap mascot, ‘Deadly’ the gnome.

The highly atmospheric film, centres on a mysterious woman in a trance-like state, sitting on a rocking chair in an eerie abandoned house. The objects around her, including an old sewing machine, come to life under her control, to tailor a pair of Firetrap jeans. In the final scene it is revealed that the woman has also used the dark arts to conjure up a man to wear the jeans.

Directed by Ian Pons Jewell, whose credits include the short horror film ¼” and the acclaimed Naughty Boy music video ‘La La La’. The ad will bring Firetrap back to its roots and back to denim as part of a wider marketing campaign, as well as introduce a new generation of consumers to the 23 year old brand and its iconic ‘Deadly’ gnome (who makes a cameo appearance in the film).

The ad was shot in a derelict building in East London and was created using both live action and stop frame animation techniques, shot concurrently on location.

Alicia Adcock, Firetrap’s Brand manager says: “Firetrap has great heritage and our challenge was to enhance the edgy, urban personality of the brand. Fold7 and the director have done a fantastic job in interpreting our brief, we’re really pleased with how this has turned out.”

John Yorke, Fold7 Creative Director, comments: “Horror is a tricky genre to convey in advertising and it’s rare that there is the opportunity to explore the ‘dark arts’ in a commercial context, so it was a really interesting creative challenge for us. We had a lot of fun and a few frights making this ad.”

Firetrap’s retained PR agency Brandnation is also implementing a strategic and focused PR campaign to support the launch of the new campaign. Firetrap are also hosting an event with record label 25 Hour Convenience Store in East London on 30th October to launch the new ad and showcase a ‘director’s cut’.

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