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Flipkart's Latest Campaign by Lowe Lintas Aims to Redefine Age

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Mumbai, India
#ChooseYourAge challenges the inherent notion of what one can or cannot do at a certain age
Flipkart, as a brand, is celebrating the spirit of New India – an India where people are challenging stereotypes and redefining the status quo. Taking forward the ethos of being a proud partner of progressive India, Flipkart's new digital campaign puts an interesting spin on how we think about age.

The #ChooseYourAge campaign conceived by Lowe Lintas Bangalore challenges the inherent notion of what one can or cannot do at a certain age. Very often, we deny ourselves opportunities and experiences because we are afraid of being judged by others.

Instead of defining age by the number of biological years, the #ChooseYourAge campaign celebrates all those who don’t act their age and instead choose to define it by the number of experiences that bring them real joy.

Shoumyan Biswas, Vice President, Marketing, Flipkart says, “At Flipkart, we've been both a witness and a partner to India's progress over the last decade. Through our focus on accessibility and affordability, we have stayed true to the ethos of being a technology company; but a technology company with a heart.

Through our new set of brand campaigns, we want to champion the stories of “new India” - of Indians who are forward thinking and not limited by others' beliefs.

The #ChooseYourAge campaign continues our brand's stance and celebrates all those who are challenging age-related stereotypes. Over the next few months, we will continue to tell stories of this new, progressive India and celebrate the true spirit of how our brand is truly “naye India ke saath”.

The campaign film begins with a famous quote "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?", and then unveils 9 inspiring stories of people who have defied age-related stereotypes and pursued what brings them real joy.

Arun Iyer, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas says, "Counting the biological years to tell our age is known to all of us. #ChooseYourAge, in complete antithesis, counts the number of experiences we've had or the times when we have really lived. The film celebrates living life, rightly showcasing that age doesn’t need to define what one can do, learn, wear, feel or achieve. I believe this puts the brand in a space where it spontaneously becomes the partner of a progressive India."
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