Fireflies Light Up the New Year in Touching Film from Bradesco Bank

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Created by Publicis, the animation follows on from their 2018 campaign, encouraging people to pursue their sparkle
Fireflies Light Up the New Year in Touching Film from Bradesco Bank
‘In 2020, Shine in Your Own Way.’ This is the motto of Bradesco's end of the year campaign, wishing for a more inclusive world, where people can respect the differences. The campaign's centerpiece is a three-minute 3D animation that will be aired simultaneously on Monday 9th, at exactly 8:31 PM on Globo TV, Globosat, RedeTV, SBT, Record, Band,, Youtube. Created by Publicis and produced by Zombie Studios, the short film continues the fable of the fireflies that thrilled Brazilians a year ago and was awarded at Cannes Lions and many other festivals.
“Our narrative around concepts such as diversity and inclusion, pillars that have always marked the bank's performance, are evolving together with the public,” says Márcio Parizotto, Bradesco's marketing director. “The first movie was very well received by Brazilians. Therefore, we continue with the same theme and aesthetics, but with a new story, also able to enchant and establish an immediate connection with people by addressing feelings present in our daily lives."
The new film stars Luna, a firefly that does not light up and suffers for being different. Throughout the film, however, she gets the support of Vitinho, a boy with Down Syndrome who helps her become a heroine, saving a group of fireflies that had been caught. “This campaign addresses the issue of inclusion in a very special way by showing that both Luna and Vitinho see things that other people cannot see and thus shine even brighter,” says Domênico Massareto, CCO of Publicis.

The commercial is driven by Mariah Carey's song Hero, performed by Brazilian singer and songwriter Ráae. From the briefing until its premiere, it took six months of work to bring the movie to life. To create the character Vitinho with maximum fidelity, the creative and production teams involved in the campaign were supported by medical specialists from the Centre for Clinical Studies and Research (CEPEC-SP) and parents of children with Down. Physical and emotional characteristics as well as reactions, movements and expressions have been tirelessly studied to bring the character to life. The care around the film can also be seen in the reproduction of the scenes and in the construction of other characters, all thought to reflect the diversity, culture, architecture and Brazillian typical vegetation.

Another curiosity is that the characters of the first film also appear in this story. Among them, the firefly Lucio who in the commercial released in late 2018 leaves the countryside to try to shine in the big city. In a metalanguage exercise, the commercial also brings references to the bank itself, with the subtle presence of a Bradesco branch and of several mascots that helped to build the brand's history. The campaign also features pieces of OOH, digital and printed pieces.
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Client: Bradesco

Agency: Publicis

Product: Institutional

Title: ‘In 2020, shine your own way.’

Client Approval: Márcio Parizotto, Daniela Ugayama and Marcelo Salgado

CEO: Eduardo Lorenzi

CCO: Domenico Massareto


Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Victorino

Creative Directors: Paulo Aguiar and Rico Lins

Associate Creative Directors: Rafael Campos and Bernardo Correa

Art Direction: Lucas Pinheiro, Douglas Reis and Ricardo Sarno

Copywriting: Americo Vizer and Vitor Medrado

Creation Integrated Campaign: Larissa Domingues, Elias Carmo, Pedro Furtado, William Rodrigues, Tiago Cordeiro, Gabriela Moura and Juan Perafan

Account Service: Tatiana Chiari, Marcelo Trivilato, Barbara Oliveira, Felipe Francis, Erika Nagata, Julia Pimenta, Marina Felippe e Isabella Misko 

Planning: Gustavo Leite, Rodrigo Magalhães e Giulia Joau

Media: Maurício Almeida, Larissa Deliberai, Camila Donice, Bruno Flávio, Juliana Coralli, Giovanna Passos, Lídia Rodrigues, Guilherme Reis, Leandro Lessa, Rivagna Valcaci, Tainah Toledo, Alinne Lopes, Italo Brito, Tatiane Santos e Priscila Santos

Projects and technology: Márcio Bueno, Nádia Mathias, Daniele Pereira e Mayni Alves

SEO: Evelyn Umberti e Giovanni Luigi

UX: Vinicius Maffeis


Head of Production: Renata Sayão

Production: Daniela Harriz e Wellington Inacio

PR: Leila Pavani, Marcia Romko, Paula Ganem

Production company: Zombie Studio

Film director: Paulo Garcia

Executive producer: Natália Gouvêa

Account Service Zombie: Stefanie Dias

Artistic direction: Marcelo Garcia

Creative direction: Daniel Salles e Natália Mamede

Animation directors: Rodrigo Dutra e Bruno Monteiro

Team CGI: Yohann da Geb, Issac, Buzzola e Wallan Oliveira

Producer: André Carvalho

Supervision: Issac Buzzola


Sound production company: Satelite Audio

General direction: Roberto Coelho, Kito Siqueira, Hurso Ambrifi e Daniel Iasbeck

Sound producers: Roberto Coelho, Kito Siqueira, Hurso Ambrifi, Daniel Iasbeck, Mike Vlcek, Thiago Colli, Charly Coombes, Helton Oliveira e Ian Sierra


Finalisation: Ricardo Bertran, Celso Moretti, Carla Cornea, Ian Sierra e Isadora Penna

Production coordination: Ana Cordeiro, Mariana Tardelli e Rafa Oliveira

General assistant: Renan Marques

Sateliteaccount service: Renata Costa e Nicole Bonnet

Art Buyer: Selma Momosse e Raphael Macedo

Graphic producer: Eduardo Bueno e Emerson Russo

Retoucher: Sandro Alves (Garga)

Final Art: Fernando Passarelli

Proofreaders: Céres Vecchione e Ricardo Milesi

Genres: Storytelling

Categories: Banking, Finance, 7 months ago