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Feast Your Eyes on The Richards Group & TGI Friday's Symphony of Ribs

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Dallas, USA
Delectable new spot directed by Lucky 21's Tom Ryan

The ongoing collaboration between The Richards Group and Lucky 21 director Tom Ryan highlights the iconic brand through handcrafted food and drink as the cornerstone of the TGI Fridays’ welcoming experience. The latest is a deliciously rustic spot that features a visual symphony of ribs, from bacon crusted to baby backs slathered in Jack Daniel’s sauce. 

"We started with a great product,” says Chuck Schiller, Creative Director, The Richards Group. “Fridays has five styles of amazing baby back ribs and any rib lover in the country will be happy that they get to try three styles on one plate. So there was some real fun in the idea of creating this ‘symphony of ribs.’ Tom studied what made ribs so damn appetizing, the ingredients, the rubs, the grill, the tender meat, and built a set that was absolutely perfect. The results were an authentic look at how Fridays’ ribs are made and served and we’re thrilled with how the photography came out."

Director Tom Ryan explains that his ongoing collaboration with the agency for Fridays means new and engaging ideas for each shoot. For “Ribs,” the set was inspired by the classic American smokehouse, and provided the backdrop to the all-star ribs. These were shot using a two-camera set up using a rich, deep saturated lighting for lip smacking appeal. 

“The A camera shoots the sweet spot, the perfect vantage point that exists with any product, in this case meaty, delicious ribs,” explains director Tom Ryan. “B camera is ambient and unscripted, often finding those unexpected moments that lend mouthwatering appeal. It all came together with the smokehouse set in a handcrafted, genuine experience."

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