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Fear, Freedom and Fake News: DDB Latina Identifies 8 Trends for 2018

Advertising Agency
Miami, USA
VP of Strategic Planning Juan Isaza suggests this year brands need to offer peace and safety
The predictive report identifies and evaluates the different political, social, and economic factors that affect our industry to define the consumer we will face and what opportunities will be opened to brands in 2018.

Juan Isaza, Regional VP of Strategic Planning at DDB Latina and author of the annual report, predicts: “Fear will be with us in 2018 and will inspire many of our decisions. Hence, the need to find safe and peaceful spaces is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities for brands.”

While 2017 was predicted as a time of little reconciliation and much imposition on the part of political and industrial leaders, 2018 seems to be the time for brands to offer peace and safety to citizens.

The eight trends pose problems and points of view such as the way in which social networks will continue losing their credibility, and people will begin to question their algorithms and the interest of those who manage them. The emergence of new payment systems will put to the test the innovative capacity of brands, validating those that are better suited to the relationship that consumers have today with money.

The trend towards social obscurity will invite consumers to digital detox to better protect their privacy, prompting them to value more those brands that use data with transparency. People will be interested in being surrounded by more spiritual experiences, such as inner trips, meditation, religion and everything that allows them to better care for their inner selves.

The lack of commitment will be one of the topics that will mark 2018. The ability to live between the virtual and the real world simultaneously, the absence of genres and categories, the duality between robots and humans, and a consumer accustomed to flexibility, will challenge brands to consider that everything can be modified.

The business models and the exponential growth offered by the internet make it easier to move freely around the world, and this will make the boundaries between industries more and more difficult to trace. The future of retail and its usefulness will be cause for reflection.

Understanding local cultures will be an increasingly critical issue for local companies; said cultures will no longer be seen as an obstacle but rather as an inexhaustible source of ideas and initiatives for the growth of brands.

This new report, available in Spanish, English and Portuguese, aims to highlight the logical evolution of trends from previous years, and are possibly in full development; in addition to proposing validation of new topics that could be a cause of concern and will surely occupy the attention of many in the years to come.

1. How Scary
"We cannot remember when there were so many reasons in the world to be afraid. From terror attacks, to fears of a global economic crisis, everyone is facing profound uncertainty in 2018. New fears have been born in part of conspiracy theories and also in part thanks to the natural fear provoked by the novelty of certain technological advances."

2. In the Dark 
"In this “post truth” world, people have developed their own defense mechanism: doubt everything. Nothing is sufficiently reliable, and no source appears sufficiently serious. There is no politician, journalist, brand, celebrity or communication channel that is totally credible. When you walk through the world in darkness, the risk of jumping to conclusions is high."

3. Take Care
"There is a term that has shown up in countless trend reports and is on the lips of millennials the world over, including on Google, where it showed up as one of the most recurrent search terms of 2017: Self-care. Although the outside is increasingly hostile, and full of dangers and there are fewer and fewer places you can trust, interests and tools for caring for yourself have blossomed like never before."

4. Social Anonymity
"Not for one moment do we think we are nearing the end of social networking, but it is undeniable that we are now entering a phase in which greater anonymity is desired, in contrast to the open and enthusiastic publications of yore. This will be the year we debate between a desire to stand out and the advantages of living behind a backdrop. That is not to say that we will pass invisible and unnoticed, because technology will be capable of identifying and profiling us more than ever."

5. Pure Liquidity
"In 2018 we will continue to see the world leaving categories behind. Although this is nothing new, we will see even more examples of how moving quickly from one side to another will be a part of our daily life. There will be no commitment because being and not being at the same time is possible. Changing a decision you had already made will be natural in a world where the ‘liquid’ is more present than ever."

6. Deep Cleaning
"Until a few years ago, saying that someone who has fewer things is happier would sound like a religious vow of poverty. But in 2018 you can say that and it is actually becoming a very attractive lifestyle choice. People are increasingly seeing the benefits of having fewer things and we are seeing something that we have been promising for some time, that experiences are the new wealth."

7. Move Freely
"For a few years now, we have been talking about a world without borders. Creating fluid and ‘frictionless’ experiences has been a key intention in business forums and discussions. Business models that offer flat fees will continue to be around this year to remind us that we have no limits to what we can consume. The exponential growth of the internet of things will make our movements throughout the world even easier."

8. Come Over Here
"This isn’t the first time we are talking about a boom in local things. Nor is it the first time we are seeing the controversy globalization is causing as a result of an increasingly connected world. Rediscovering elements of our own cultures is something that will be very present in this new year. Brands will find opportunities to be inspired by local culture and export that creative energy to all corners of the planet."