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FCB Presents 2018 Compass Dinner Series
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New York, United States
The Compass Dinner Series aims to reignite the art of conversation among leaders in the Canadian community
The Compass Dinner, Canada’s leading thought leader dinner series has announced FCB Canada as their 2018 presenting partner. This partnership will enhance the thought leadership dinner series to be more ambitious than ever before – shedding light on the most provocative and important issues facing Canadians and their leaders: corporate executives, politicians, technology entrepreneurs, students, concerned citizens, doctors, journalists and professional athletes.#

Launched by Toronto entrepreneurs Jon Dwyer (Aereus Technologies) and Dan Jacob (TEDxToronto, Breather), the Compass Dinner Series aims to reignite the art of conversation among leaders in the Canadian community, and engage them in purposeful debate and discussion on topics that matter.

The first topics for 2018 series will be:

The Blockchain: Tech Bubble or Digital Revolution? 
Not since the dawn of the Internet has our world witnessed a technology so powerful, it has the potential to radically alter the way industry and institutions across the globe operate. Blockchain – the underlying technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – stands to revolutionise the way transactions around the world are handled, offering a platform and level of protection for consumers they could genuinely come to trust. Yet Blockchain poses some very real challenges – from the energy consumed in mining, to the displacement of human jobs, to the future of Blockchain’s governance – and all are issues that pose a risk to undermine its potential value. This dinner will explore the future of Blockchain and seek to understand whether it is a technology that is here to stay, or just another tech bubble waiting to burst.

The Demographic Tipping Point
For the first time in Canada’s history, there are now more seniors age 65 and over than there are children under the age of 15. Experts suggest this “demographic tipping point” will have negative impact on our country’s economic growth, not to mention the stress this “grey wave” will place on Canada's future economy and institutions to support it. This dinner will explore the challenges we anticipate and the forward-thinking solutions we will need to create in order to deal with them as a country.

“While social media and online channels have their role, they have also resulted in the deterioration of purposeful conversation,” said Compass Dinner Co-Founder Jon Dwyer. “Given the complexity of today’s issues being reduced to simple sound bites, we built the series to create a forum where passionate Canadians from diverse backgrounds could engage in meaningful discourse and collectively navigate our country’s future.”  

As one of Canada’s leading communication agencies, FCB Canada recently expanded its retail mandate with Air Canada, won agency-of-record partnerships with BMW Canada and Fountain Tire, and was crowned Strategy’s 2017 Digital Agency of the Year for the second year in a row. FCB Canada was also the most awarded Canadian agency at the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

“FCB Canada is proud to be a part of this leading series and look forward to a wide-ranging dinner series. We need to create opportunities for thought leaders to come together and share their diversified points of view on the challenges facing all of us. It’s in these discussions that powerful creative solutions can happen,” said FCB Canada CEO Tyler Turnbull.

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