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Fastrack Ruffles Feathers Exploring What Makes a Diva Tick in Bold New Campaign
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Mumbai, India
In collaboration with Lowe Lintas and co-created by Ananya Panday, the film illustrates what it takes to be a prima donna in today’s world
After successfully launching its Fitouts collection a few months ago, Fastrack has recently launched its new Ruffles collection, also co-created by youth icon and Bollywood star Ananya Panday. To promote this latest collection, Lowe Lintas has conceived a campaign featuring Ananya. The campaign is aimed at Gen-Z girls who unequivocally own up their 'diva' ways. Exclusively for girls, the Ruffles collection sports pleats and folds elegantly fanning across the designs, taking inspiration from the diva-like side of Gen-Z’s personality.

Ayushman Chiranewala, marketing head, Fastrack, said: “With a successful launch of Fitouts, the first collection under Fastrack x Ananya Panday collaboration, Fastrack is all set on its fashion journey with a second launch – The Ruffles. The Gen-Zs of today have many varied facets in their personality, and we’re making products that will appeal to them all. The fit outs collection was meant for the fun and quirky girl, while Ruffles will touch a chord with those unconventional divas. This exciting new film and our stylish product designs aim to change the definition of a typical diva and encourage them to run the show on their own terms and be their authentic self even if it means ruffling some feathers along the way.”

The campaign film conceived by Lowe Lintas Bangalore is a youthful, high-fashion interpretation of what it means to be a diva among Gen-Z. It shows Ananya ruffling some feathers and embracing the spotlight with all the sass of a prima donna, mirroring the youthful charm of Gen-Z girls who remain unperturbed by the disapproval of their bold ways of self-expression. The film illustrates examples of what it takes to be a prima donna in today’s world. From dealing with fans that number in millions, to dealing with haters among them; from following fads to smashing tags; from creating unique cliques to spending money on keeping up that persona. Ultimately, what makes a Diva tick is really how many feathers she ruffles. The film is interspersed with pleats and folds transforming into watches of beautiful rose gold and pastel shades.

Talking about the campaign, Puneet Kapoor, regional creative officer, Lowe Lintas said: "The Fastrack Ruffles collection is one of the most drool-worthy and beautifully designed collection sure to make heads turn. The bold and cutting-edge designs find an equally bold expression in the attitude and idiosyncrasies of a new age diva like Ananya Panday. It’s a fun collaboration of writing and filmmaking between the Lowe Bangalore team and Catnip films”

Commenting on the idea, Ananya added: “I’m really excited to introduce the latest, chic and very versatile all-new collection, Fastrack Ruffles. It has been designed to make a bold statement with a sophisticated and elegant flavour to it. This one is perfect for the girls who revel in the spotlight and don't care how many feathers they ruffle. I love it and look forward to ruffling the world, together along with the divas out there!”

The campaign is live across the brand’s online platforms.

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