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Fashion Label FrostFrench Celebrates Its Renaissance with Short Film
Music & Sound
London, UK
Sadie Frost and Jemima French produce swanky new short directed by Ben Charles Edwards

Renowned fashion, film and music personalities including actress Francis Ruffelle (in the film) and daughter, singer Eliza Doolittle, fashion designer Matthew Williamson and Kimberly Wyatt’s model husband Max Rogers, were amongst guests who turned out at the Bulgari Hotel Cinema, Knightsbridge, for an exclusive screening of the new FrostFrench film, ‘Will Nature Make a Man out of Me Yet?’, to celebrate the renaissance of the award-winning fashion label, FrostFrench. After a five-year break, Sadie Frost and Jemima French edited a 10-piece collection of their favorite wears, which are portrayed throughout the short film. With an assertive yet playful attitude, the film evokes a power of female dominance, played out in the protagonists and reflected in the clothes strong silhouettes - embodying the FrostFrench woman.

The made-to-order FrostFrench collection comprises of 10 definitive styles including dresses and jackets that include timeless shapes and exude a womanly silhouette. Feminine slip dresses with beautiful lace detailing, and fitted jumpsuits with ruffled organza collars, which frames the face beautifully. A sharp black jacket slung across the shoulder, worn over lingerie, gives the collection an effortless rock and roll twist.

Grand Central's Aaron Taffel and George Castle created the sound design for the spot.

Aaron Taffel commented: “From a sound point of view, the director, Ben, wanted each scene to have its own distinct character - so sometimes you can hear claps of thunder in the distance and sometimes, there's the blare of a car alarm.Our aim was to complement the monologues with the music and to build on the sounds recorded on set. We focused on accentuating the visuals with atmospheric sounds, whilst allowing the monologues to take centre stage.”

George Castle commented: “It was a lot of fun to work on this project. I was told to go big with the atmospherics, which is a great brief to have, as it gave me a lot of creative freedom.My focus was on setting the mood for the monologues and the motel, through the little things that you hear, such as the buzz of the neon light and the footsteps. Through sound we hinted at unseen scenes going on just off camera, such as people fighting on the other side of a wall. These nice little touches help to make everything feel as real as possible.” 

Ben Charles Edwards, Director, commented: "The concept behind the film began with famous monologues from the past that mean a lot to me. They’re historic quotes from the likes of Molière and Oscar Wilde that I planned to use in an authentic context. A lot of them are centred around love, matrimony and infidelity, so I thought it was interesting to link them to a motel.

I’ve had a lot of freedom to play with the visual side of things as well and I’ve used a whole plethora of different emotions, but the monologues are meant to be quite comical in the end.

Working with Sadie is always great, and she loved the concept from the very beginning. I've had a great collaboration with her, as well as GCRS, which came on board and helped deliver a fun and unique project." 

Sadie’s production company Blonde To Black Pictures produced the short film, which was directed by Ben Charles Edwards, and included appearances from Annabel Davis, Edie Langley, Esme Drummond, Frances Ruffelle, Iris Law, Izzy Davis, Jemima French, Katie Ball, Oxford Nielsen, Remy Bennett, Sadie Frost, Sophie Young and Timothy Renouf. Guests turned out for the screening of the film at the Bulgari and enjoyed food served by Rivea Restaurant, at the Bulgari Hotel screening room.

The film unites fashion and film and celebrates strong and vocal women from their teenage years to the later years of being a grandmother. Musicians and actors convey the message, ‘Don’t mess with me’, and set in the aesthetically interesting visuals of a seedy motel- darkness and beauty stir and provoke the imagination.

Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound
Work from Grand Central Recording Studios
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