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Fashion Brand Romani Design Serve the 'Green Look' Virtual Outfit

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London, UK
Wavemaker teams up with Romani Design to launch a virtual top with endless possibilities

During the coronavirus, small fashion brands got into trouble around the world. This is how it happened in Hungary with Romani Design. Sales of the brand, which preserves traditional Hungarian and Romani patterns in its modern collections, fell to almost zero with the spread of the virus.

Why? During the epidemic, people didn’t really need new clothes, or if they did, they sought wallet-friendly solutions. They ordered cheaper, fast fashion pieces, and even that they felt guilty about because their desire for renewal had not gone away.

And in the mass-produced clothing market, despite the virus, they came out with newer and newer collections every two weeks, nonetheless.​​​​​​​

Romani Design wanted to compete with this in the market for women and men aged 18-50, bearing in mind they had spent their working hours and lived their social life virtually, mostly with the help of the Zoom app.


The Green Look top came to existence as a solution to this: a green, organic cotton top that provides customers with enough virtual outfits for several weeks for their Zoom meetings.

The idea came from using the green box effect feature built into Zoom. Buyers received dozens of Romani patterns with the green top they bought, so they didn’t have to spend unnecessarily on fast fashion pieces. In fact, they were able to dress variedly in the name of slow fashion from the price of a single designer top.​​​​​​​

The idea has proved so successful that after Green Look was launched, Romani Design’s sales increased by 85% compared to the average of previous months.

Green Look has become so popular that it has been shared by prominent representatives of the Hungarian fashion industry as well.

Spending on new clothes during the COVID pandemic is a ridiculous, yet very human need. The members of the target group, however, also crave renewal and pretty, new clothes, even while they’re caged between four walls.

At the same time, they buy new garments with a guilt-trip, especially from fast fashion brands, as they are also characterized by the importance they attach to environmental protection.​​​​​​​

This is what Green Look responded to: by purchasing their top, customers would not only support a local fashion brand, but also make an environmentally conscious decision without having to give up on refreshing their wardrobe.

The way the Green Look top worked was very simple: the t-shirt ordered from the Web-shop was sent by mail with access to additional, virtually usable patterns.

The top was promoted on social media through Romani’s channels with Facebook and Instagram fashion tutorial videos explaining how it works. Influencers that were fans of the brand shared the Green Look top sent to them for free, thus spreading the word among the target group.

Wavmaker advertised Green Look on Facebook and Instagram in short fashion videos, and our PR material was taken over by the biggest Hungarian fashion magazines such as Glamour and Marie Claire.

The idea quickly spread among Hungarian fashion bloggers, influencers and magazines, so many people shared it right away, bringing the brand to roughly EUR 115,000 earned media from its EUR 1,000 campaign budget.

Romani Design was invited as a guest on several TV and radio channels and conversation began in the trade about how difficult times local small fashion brands were facing.​​​​​​​

As a result, the brand’s sales grew by 85% compared to the average of previous months following Green Look’s product launch.