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Familia Welcomes Directors Henry Dean and Dumas Haddad 

Production Company
London, UK
Henry and Dumas both work on music videos

Henry Dean and Dumas Hadadd have joined the director roster at Familia

Henry Dean brings a fresh perspective on the weird and wonderful. A lover of film and narrative, Henry churns out incredible concepts with great speed and originality with the energy of a red bull but the quality of espresso martini. Saying this, his refined and genius storytelling within the recent MJ Cole documentary displayed he has range for storytelling on a higher level and longer formats. 

Henry’s music video for Mystery Jets ‘Screwdriver’ jumped right off the screen and appealed to Familia straight away. After going through Henry’s plans for the MJ Cole ‘Madrugada’ documentary (which dropped today) and getting to know how his brain works it was really clear that he was only just getting started. 

Henry Dean said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the Familia roster. The support and encouragement I’ve had from them so far has been just what I’ve needed at this stage of my career. It’s nice to have a team in your corner who are champions of good ideas above all else. I like to make emotionally vulnerable yet outside-the-box work, and it means a lot that a company that is trending so heavily in the right direction is willing to invest in me. This feels like a home that is going to encourage me to be me, and that’s all I could ever want. I feel lucky to be a part of such a talented roster — I’m happy to be part of the Familia.”

With gorgeous aesthetics, alluring characters and colour palettes, Dumas Hadadd will bring a sincere and beautiful eye to the roster. His understanding of the record labels inner workings stands him in great stead when pitching on music videos. He has a great network of world class collaborators that is evident in his previous work.

Dumas Haddad has previous experience in-house at Warner Music UK in the marketing side of the world, and has a great understanding for how the labels operate. Dumas was previously signed with Partizan Darkroom. His previous short film ‘Fathers’ that received a Vimeo staff pick, was an incredibly honest depiction of male father role models in modern society, beautifully shot and orchestrated. Two music videos for Anais ‘Lost My Faith’ and ‘Darkness at Play’, another music video for Jerome Thomas ‘Bruises’. Dumas also had a short film called ‘The dark force of Grime’ featured on Random Acts shot by regular collaborator and DOP, Olan Collardy.

Dumas Haddad said: “I'm super stoked to join Familia team and roster and am very much excited about the magic we'll create together.”

Ryan Morgan, head of music on Henry said: “Henry has a confident and ambitious swagger to his writing voice, when I read his treatments words like “gothic fun house” come to mind, he creates a surreal buffet of colour, odd characters and intriguing and unpredictable narrative arch’s, we haven’t seen his best work yet, you should see his treatments.”

Ryan also said on Dumas: “Cool, calm and connected, Dumas is THE most pragmatic and thoroughly organised director I have ever met. A super humble young father with an incredible eye and organic and a truthful taste for story letting."