E.ON UK Highlights the Dangers of Air Pollution to Children

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Engine launch the latest episode of ‘Let's Clear the Air’ campaign
E.ON UK Highlights the Dangers of Air Pollution to Children

E.ON UK has launched the latest instalment of its ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ campaign with a new film from ENGINE, highlighting the damaging effect on health of air polluted with micro particles – and how E.ON is trying to help address the air crisis with its innovative products.

Air pollution is an invisible killer responsible for around 1 in 20 UK deaths, and the cause of debilitating illnesses for many more. It can be particularly bad for children, as most pollutants are heavier than air and so tend to be collect closer to the ground. The smaller you are, the more unhealthy particles you breathe in. But because pollutant gases and particles are too small to see with the naked eye, the danger largely remains unnoticed.

In the 60” film, ENGINE uses animated scaled-up particles to make the invisible visible and reveal the levels of pollutants that people are exposed to from sources such as diesel emissions. It graphically shows how the air children breathe can be loaded with damaging substances, but also how innovative E.ON solutions – such as solar energy storage or ultrafast electric vehicle charge points – can, literally, clear the air and help reduce the damaging substances children are exposed to.

This film follows on from the campaign’s ‘LUNGS’ launch in September, when a giant 16ft pair of lungs was erected on London’s South Bank. The lungs linked to near-live emissions data from across the capital and filled with smoke representing the pollutants that Londoners breathe in the air over the course of a day.

E.ON’s ‘Let’s Clear the Air’ campaign will continue over the coming months with further episodes drawing attention to the impact that air pollution has on life and the opportunities that E.ON’s technologies offer to fight this.

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Client: E.ON

Agency: ENGINE

Executive Creative Director: Aaron Goldring

Creatives: Paul Hancock, Dave Newbold, Brendan Wilkins

Agency Producer: Mathilde Stone, Leila Bartlam

Account Handling: Rob Carter, Sam Paiolo, Richard Williams, Samar Rezvan

Planning: John Crowther

Production Company: Outsider

Director: James Lees

Producer: Joseph Taussig

Editor: Vid Price

Sound Design: Munzie Thind, Grand Central

Post-Production: Coffee & TV

Genres: People, Dialogue

Categories: Utilities, Electric

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