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Energy Upgrade California Encourages People to 'Do Nothing'
Advertising Agency
San Francisco, USA
Integrated campaign by DDB San Francisco extols the conservationist virtues of procrastination

For decades, messages like “Conserve Energy” or “Save the Planet!” have been used to encourage people to take action in the crusade to stave off pollution and protect the environment. But the latest work for Energy Upgrade California (EUC) puts a twist on proactive conservationist messaging. Instead of marching in the streets or buying an electric car, the new work tells Californians that sometimes, the best thing you can do... is nothing. 

Created by DDB San Francisco, EUC's new campaign focuses on motivating Californians use less electricity between 4-9pm, when less clean energy is available. The work encourages the audience to put off chores that require large amounts of electricity - like dishwashing and laundry - to earlier or later in the day. By celebrating these acts of "procrastination," EUC is implying that you're not being lazy, but rather, you're helping to protect California.

DDB San Francisco created an awareness campaign in a variety of forms - from video to print to OOH installations and other unique elements:


The cornerstone of the campaign is a :30 second TV spot showcasing famous California landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite's Half Dome. built out of unplugged cords and neglected laundry. These "landmarks of procrastination" are accompanied by a heroic voiceover and grand orchestral track.

Custom Billboard

This solar-panelled billboard features the “Keep It Golden” tagline shining brightly, powered by 100% clean solar energy that it harnesses throughout the day.


Custom Magazine Execution 

The print ad outlines ways people can save energy during the peak-hours of 4-9pm. Helpful tips such as unplugging vacuum cleaners and adjusting your AC were balanced with a humorous nod to packing up your holiday lights in summer. Each action comes with a peel-off sticker to serve as a reminder to power down from 4-9pm.

Food Truck Activation w/ Top Chef Brooke Williamson

From May 31st to June 3rd, DDB/SF sent a food truck to high-traffic areas and events in and around San Diego as a demonstration that it matters when you use energy. Because energy is a lot like food, some sources are better than others.

So outside of 4-9pm, celebrity Chef Brooke Williamson served a menu with fresh, delicious ingredients to signify cleaner energy sources.

- During 4-9pm, Chef Brooke left and swapped out the experience and serve a basic, uninspired menu to represent the not-so-good sources of energy.

- The Food Truck signage and materials including cups, menu boards, etc. were also swapped out to signify the shift from off-peak to on-peak hours.

Work from DDB San Francisco