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eBay Highlights the Suppliers for Sneaker Sellers Series
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The latest series from The Many will spotlight and elevate the Sellers who make the eBay sneaker community special

Following the success of @ebaysneakersAll For Kicks social-first content series, The Many returns with the premiere of the latest series for eBay, On The Come Up. The first episode, a 90 seconds short film shot exclusively for social, spotlights eBay super seller and Jersey-based sneaker boutique @TopShelfKicks and its owner Aaron Goldberg.

While the world obsesses over the shoes on display, On The Come Up flips the script and focuses on eBay’s marquee differentiator in the sneaker space - its robust seller community. But not just any sellers; super sellers on the come up. Ones who have grinded for years on eBay and are reaping their labour's fruits. On The Come Up shows that the journey may be hard, but it’s worth it. And with eBay’s help - it’s possible.

Aaron Goldberg was a seller on eBay long before he decided to build his brick-and-mortar shop, Top Shelf Kicks. Despite the naysayers doubting the scalability of a sneaker business, Aaron doubled down on his beliefs inspired by his grandpa's words, 'Don’t be afraid to fail.' After discovering that he sold a pair of Nike Kobe Zoom 7 sneakers to NBA All-Star and New York Knicks Forward, Julius Randle, Aaron realised the impact eBay has on his business.

"Aaron Goldberg was just a kid from Jersey when he dreamed of making a living selling sneakers. That dream is now a reality, but it wasn't an easy journey. We wanted to document Aaron's ups, downs, and feats - big and small - as he's built a business where the possibilities seem endless. 'On The Come Up' serves to share this inspiring tale in a stylized way that elevates the humanity behind Aaron's growth as a seller—and a person. We're excited to keep highlighting personal stories just like Aarons, giving sellers the spotlight they deserve,” said Miles Evans, senior copywriter at The Many.

eBay has been committed to uplifting the sneaker community for over 25 years. While most of eBay's customers obsess over the sneakers more than the people who sell them. eBay obsesses over both.

“Being the OG of the online buying/selling sneaker marketplace, we wanted to shine a light on the community that’s been the backbone of eBay’s success for over 25 years - their sellers,” said Destiny Modeste, social strategist at The Many. “It’s exciting because this series can showcase what’s possible when selling with eBay and inspire the next wave of sellers to keep grinding," added Alex Boothe, senior social strategist at The Many.

Episode one of On The Come Up will be hosted exclusively on the @ebaysneakers Instagram. Paid ad targeting will be prioritized to reach sneaker enthusiasts and drive increased consideration of eBay as a destination to buy and sell sneakers.

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