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Droga5 NY and Philadelphia Petition to Save the Sad, Dry Bagel Emoji

Advertising Agency
New York, USA
Agency teams with VMLY&R and Starcom to successfully campaign for cream cheese to be added Apple and Unicode Consortium's emoji

A week ago Apple and Unicode Consortium announced their release of 70 new emojis designs that will roll out in the iOS 12.1 update. Bagel lovers around the world rejoiced, thrilled to discover their favourite circular doughy treat was finally being immortalised as an emoji.

When they saw the design, their joy quickly turned to internet outrage. Not only did it look nothing like a proper bagel, this dry, sad bagel travesty was missing one crucial ingredient - cream cheese.

To raise awareness of this travesty, Philadelphia cheese teamed up with Droga5 New York and VMLY&R to launch a social campaign. They tweeted Apple and Unicode Consortium to inform them of their oversight and then launched a Twitter poll that garnered over 13,000 votes with 82% in favour of adding cream cheese.

The campaign then took things a step further by starting an online petition at to further rally the online bagel loving community to put on the pressure and make their voices heard

Ten days later, Apple announced they had updated their bagel emoji to include cream cheese. Finally the internet was happy again and we ensured future generations wouldn’t have to look at a sad, dry bagel.

Full Credits

Client: Kraft Heinz Philadelphia

Campaign: Philadelphia Bagel Emoji

Creative Agency: Droga5 NY

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann

Executive Creative Director: Kevin Brady

Group Creative Director: Justin Ruben

Senior Copywriter: Mietta McFarlane

Senior Art Director: Luke Chard

Senior Art Director: Tommaso Fontanella

Design Director: Michael Kleinman

Director of Business Affairs: Jocelyn Howard

Business Affairs Manager: Shaunda Slade

Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer

Head of Strategy: Harry Román-Torres

Strategist: Mara Buta

Head of Communications Strategy: Dean Challis

Communications Strategist: Hillary Fink

Group Account Director: Lauren LaValle

Account Supervisor: Milly Dunn

Account Manager: Odalis Lopez

Associate Account Manager: Jeff Winsper

Legal: Sarah Fox

Photographer: Paul McGeiver

Client: Kraft Heinz, Philadelphia

Vice President of Marketing: Ariel Suffern

Head of Brand Building, Refrigerated Growth Platforms: Jessica Ryan 

Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Philadelphia: Blythe Pollack 

Media Agency: Starcom

Associate Media Director: Dana Staton

Associate Director: Brooke Jacob

Senior Associate: Emily Donovan

Media Associate: Austin Thomson

Strategy Supervisor :Jacqueline Hoover

Senior Media Associate: Ryan Wenzel

Supervisor: Anthony Gentile

Social Agency: VMLY&R

Senior Account Manager: Anna Sagan

Account Director: Stephanie Jones

Connections Manager: Ryan O’Keefe

Creative Director: Jenna Nussbaum

Group Creative Director: Mariana Costa

PR Agency: Alison Brod Marketing and Communications

Senior Vice President: Brooke Scher Mogan

Public Relations Manager: Alyssa Keller