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Doktor and Fried deliver E-PIGS

Production Company
Belgrade, Serbia
E-PIGS is a love story about a Peasant Couple who decide to try and find a partner for their pig. A concept developed by Director Petar Pasic and Vuk Tatalovic co-founder of Fried Pictures........
E-PIGS is a love story about a ‘Peasant Couple’ who decide to try and find a partner for their pig.  A concept developed by Director Petar Pasic and Vuk Tatalovic co-founder of Fried Pictures was advanced into a script by screenwriter Dimitrije Vojnov.  The basic plot follows the Peasant’s search discovering a mate for their pig, they end up with one who is out of the ordinary and has come from a wasteland of technological garbage.  This leads to the birth of three strange piglets.  The wildly unusual appearance of the mysterious and peculiar piglets causes unrest and a delightful story within the film’s characters.  The pigs exist in a realm between physical and digital spawn’s great curiosity and suspicion for the conservative neighbors.  Local villagers hire a city computer hacker to help them but the question remains will help arrive in time?    E Pigs was shot in Slovenia over ten days and post production was all undertaken at Fried by a dedicated intimate crew working for the labor of love for 9 months.  This production took a huge amount of post work including “invisible effects" and set extensions with the robotic pig.

E-Pigs is Fried’s first film using quality VFX.  It has been a huge success at international festivals receiving nominations and an award, most recently in the Mediterranean Short Film festival Tangier 2010 (  Petar, Vuk and Sinisa are currently working on a second feature film working title "Of Bugs and Heroes" which will contain approx. 15 mins of CG bugs composited on live shot miniature sets.   The crew is working on bug and environment concepts and also is involved in bug’s story.  As well as this the team are busy on commercials, VFX projects and all other forms of animation work as Serbia’s leading post house.

Doktor Production is co-producer of the short film E-pigs directed by  Petar Pašić and written by Dimitrije Vojnov. This film is an explosive mixture of fiction and animation which is why a big part of postproduction consists of 3D animation work. Animation is the work of Fried pictures from Belgrade. The film is financed by the Slovene Ministry of Culture, co-financed by the City of Belgrade and co-produced by ARTE TV.

E-pigs has been screened at numerous world film festivals, such as Cleveland, Nashville, Seattle, London, etc. and has been awarded the Vesna Award for Special Achievements at 12th Slovenian Film Festival, received special mention at Tangiers (Morocco) film festival and awarded as Best short film at Valley film festival (California). It was also nominated for best script at Grand OFF Festival, Warsaw, Poland.

Here is what Mr. Simon Young who was selecting short films for this year's
54th British Film Institute film festival had to say about E-pigs:

“ E-Pigs is a superb mix of live-action and CGI which grips the audience from start to
finish and transports it to a fantastic world reminiscent of Terry Gilliam's creations. The old and the new meet in a bizarre clash of styles and soon as I saw this film at Cannes back in May I knew I'd want it for the BFI-LFF. Prior to seeing the film E-Pigs I was unaware of the high technical quality of Serbian short films - I will definitely look at them more closely in future!”
Valley Film Festival, California, USA, November 2010 – Best short film
Slovenian Film Festival October 2009 - Vesna award for Special Achievements

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