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Dirt & Glory Media Launch New Collagen Brand allók in Holland & Barrett

Marketing & PR
London, UK
Conceived in Australia, allók is on a mission to develop the very best collagen formulations

Dirt & Glory Media is delighted to coordinate the launch of new collagen brand allók with the products hitting the UK high street via an exclusive partnership with Holland & Barrett, the country's number one health and wellbeing store.

Available online and at 600 stores nationwide, allók's collagen+ product range - Body Pure, Hair Shine, Joint Active and Skin Glow - is packed with natural ingredients that help enhance your skin, hair, joints and overall well being.

Co-founder of Geodyst, Stuart Henry said, “Dirt & Glory Media has worked on every facet of allók 's launch from strategy, through to brand deployment, advertising, storytelling and PR. We’re delighted to start our partnership with the agency and help develop allók into a brand UK consumers love.”

Dirt & Glory Media founder and managing director, Nigel Brown, said, “We’re really proud to work on the launch of allók, helping bring their collagen+ concept to the UK, exclusively across H&B stores. It’s a new concept focussed on targeted collagen formulations that we hope will be a really fresh and appealing alternative in the discerning UK market. We’re excited about the possibilities and the development of the brand over the next year, from campaigns to new product development, there is lots in the pipeline with a fantastic team behind the brand. We’re looking forward to helping guide the brand’s development.”

Collagen is a super protein that assists in the healthy appearance of skin, aids joint and ligament health, helps increase muscle mass, keeps the bones strong, balances the gut, assists with weight control, reduces anxiety, improves mood, and promotes healthy nail and hair growth. Think of it as the glue that holds everything together. 

As collagen levels start to go into natural decline from our twenties, simply supplementing your body with collagen alone isn’t enough. There are essential ingredients and vitamins that support collagen and allow it to be its most effective. 

In order to gain the benefits of collagen, allók has tailored four different formulations to meet your needs. Whether it’s full, shiny hair and plump, radiant skin or strong and healthy bones, the allók collagen+ collection is tailored to target four areas: Body, Hair, Joint and Skin. allók is currently exclusive in Holland & Barrett, while also being available direct from 

allók, is a play on both the Greek origins of the word Collagen, 'Kolla' (glue) and 'gennao' (I produce), and also the Sanskrit word 'Alok' meaning brightness and light.

Conceived in Melbourne, Australia, the brand is on a mission to produce the best real collagen, creating targeted products that let you shine brighter.

Combining the rejuvenating ancient qualities of collagen, with complimentary natural vitamins and minerals, allók has created a regiment to help people rediscover their glow and shine brighter. 

The focus on holistic and natural health stems from the brand’s southern roots, and is in allók’s DNA, with a range of product types to help best support the busy modern consumer. Bulk powders, tablets and individual sachet regimens are available, with a range that caters for those looking to supplement their current nutritional plan and lifestyle, and those looking for ease of consumption. 

Ellen Eastburn, category manager VHMS from Holland & Barrett is excited to bring the new brand to the UK, “We are thrilled to become the exclusive retailer of allók in the UK. As the undoubted high street destination for collagen in the UK, allók joins the extensive range of collagen products available to our customers and we’re confident the brand will be a big hit here.”

allók is the first brand to be launched in the United Kingdom by new health and wellness company Geodyst, who specialises in sourcing brands that make the world a healthier and happier place, and launching them in the UK. The company is launching Australian oral hygiene brand Gem later this year, as well as their new product launches on the high street and direct to consumer in 2022. 

Co-Founder of Geodyst, Stuart Henry is delighted to see allók launch on UK shores, “It’s been a fantastic journey from sourcing, concepting and the roll out of allók in Holland & Barrett stores. Our mission is to launch brands that can improve people’s lives, and make the world a healthier and happier place. We’ve seen the results first hand in Australia of what a great product allók is, and we are so excited to see the UK consumers' reactions. We’ve invested in the product and the brand. We are bringing a brand that is consumer-first to market. We’ve chosen not to have an influencer behind the product. What we do have is fantastic science, and products that work. Our collagen+ approach enables collagen to perform better. We can’t wait to help people shine brighter!”