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Director William Armstrong Joins Sibling Rivalry for US
Production Company
New York, USA
William has directed work for Mercedes, Samsung, Adidas and VW

Sibling Rivalry has signed director William Armstrong for commercial representation in the US.

From the intimate to the epic, William Armstrong weaves poetic and often intensely personal stories with a photographic eye. Visually daring, he is able to walk on both sides of stylised narrative and documentary. His work shows that whether the subject is automotive, technology or sports, he consistently captures emotive performances and astutely crafted stories, resulting in a profoundly lasting effect upon the viewer.

Born in Gaborone, Botswana, William grew up surrounded by elephants, lions, and crocodiles, which sparked an imagination that is felt at the core of his work today. After studying history and philosophy in Cape Town, South Africa, he graduated from Vancouver Film School in Canada. His directorial debut won a Young Director Award at Cannes Lions, a test film he wrote and developed while working as a producer in Dublin, Ireland.

His compelling and visually lyrical films for brands such as Mercedes, Samsung, Adidas, and VW have earned him accolades and shortlists from various award shows and festivals, including Cannes Lions, Kinsale Sharks, One Screen, The Webbys, Ciclope, ICAD, Vimeo Staff Picks and 1.4. His films are imbued with humanity, crossing cultures and continents, which is evidenced in his recent music video for Kormac’s “New Day.” Consistent, skilled and dedicated, he is known as a collaborator with intrinsic ease working with creative teams. Never sitting still, he is often found shooting passion projects between his commissioned works.

“We immediately fell in love with William’s cinematic language,” says Sibling Rivalry executive producer Shelby Ross. “He’s a young gun with a great reel and a ton of car experience. We see in him the opportunity to expand our automotive roster, and look forward to sharing his work with the US market.”

“It’s rare to find a production company with both a big reputation and small roster,” explains William. “I think great things happen when there’s a tight-knit family feel in a company, and when I met Shelby and the team at Sibling their energy and drive for the business was totally infectious. They have a killer sales team from coast to coast, great people in the office, and a vibe that Sibling has their biggest years ahead of them. I want to do as much as I can to be a part of that. I’m super excited to be taking this step into the US market and I’m looking forward to pushing the creativity on new projects together.”

William has just completed a music video for an electronic artist in Barcelona, shot by Steve Annis, which is due out this month, and a commercial shot across Ireland for the Irish Tourism Board.

William is also represented for advertising by Nicholas Berglund in France, Markenfilm in Germany, Dreamboat in Canada, and Antidote in Ireland.

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