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Director Andzej Gavriss Joins Stink

Production Company
London, UK
Andzej joins the commercials and music video roster in Europe, US and Asia

Stink Films is pleased to announce multi-award-winning director, Andzej Gavriss, will be joining their commercials and music video roster in Europe, US and Asia. Andzej's films and commercial projects plunge into an array of cinematic worlds uniquely his own. Viewers are spellbound by delirium in Bangkok, hypnotic dance sequences depicting societal struggles for the LGBTQIA+ community in Eastern Europe, and the fight to combat homelessness in Los Angeles. He is inspired by his international travels and drives that energy and soul in each frame, never wasting a moment as each scene advances the story.

“Right now it's about telling stories that excite me and I’m chasing that feeling," Andzej Gavriss says.

Born into block-housing in Eastern Europe, Latvia, Andzej escaped the monotony of his surroundings by building fascinating worlds in his mind. He found a new outlet for his creativity when his father brought a film camera home. Andzej realized that with a camera not only can you capture a reality, but you can create your own. He began experimenting with what he had, whether it was stop-motion, puppetry, or testing practical effects in abandoned factories. At 13 he made his first short film and hasn’t stopped since.

Today, Andzej takes his work around the world drawing on his experiences to illuminate topics that are important to him, even if they’re a little dangerous to talk about. His latest film in collaboration with Evgeny Primachenko WK Amsterdam, We Will Become Better, challenges the anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiment in Russia with a love story told through dance. The message of universal love potentially violates Russia’s 2013 ‘gay propaganda’ law which criminalises depictions of the community and their relationships.

Andzej Gavriss says: “I really want to collaborate with talented inspiring people. That's how the best projects come about.”

In just the last two years his work has won nearly every international award, including Director of the year at Shots, Grand Prize and GOLD for Direction at CLIO, Silver at Cannes Lions, Gold Screen at YDA 2020, Wooden Pencil for Direction at D&AD, and best cinematography in a music video at Camerimage. His most recent awards include Gold at 1.4, Silver for Direction at Eurobest, and Bronze at Epica.

“For me the creative comes first. I want to tell interesting stories, step out of my comfort zone and do the best work,” said Andzej Gavriss, director, Stink Films. “It was important for me to find a company who is as ambitious as I am. Stink’s work consistently stands out; their team has good instincts and they are willing to fight for creativity. They are risk takers whose eyes are sparkling with energy. I’m looking forward to working together.” 

Blake Powell, Stink’s global head of film, added: “I think ‘We Will Become Better‘ is a stand out piece of work this year. It blew me away. It's beautifully constructed and directed. Andzej, like that piece, has an incredible energy and passion that is infectious. The team can't wait to get going.”