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Director Albert Uria Signs with Production Boutique Rakish

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
Albert is also the founder of Garage Films

Rakish has signed director Albert Uria as the latest complement to their roster of discerning talent. As Rakish nears its one-year anniversary, co-founders and executive producers Brad Johns and Preston Garrett remain true to their mission to build an artist-driven live-action production studio, with Albert positioned alongside trusted directors such as Marc Forster and Noah Marshall. 

“Rakish is no doubt my partner in crime,” states Albert. “Experience, great taste, enthusiasm, the best vibes – Brad and Preston are fierce pros. Excellence is talent and generosity, and that is what I see at Rakish.” 

“Albert’s films have an underlying sense of mischief and energy which keeps you glued to the screen,” says Brad Johns. “His style traverses all genres - high-octane adrenaline, romantic, comedic, you name it - while still remaining true to his creative voice. The human condition is the core of the story. That is what motivates Albert and is what we’re all about.” 

Visually, Albert’s work seamlessly shifts between the raw and the more traditionally composed. His films are cinematic all the way through - whether an epic story teeming with stunts and choreography, or a quiet, intimate exchange of dialogue. 

Barcelona-born and raised and now LA-based, Albert studied photography at the prestigious Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and started his career travelling the world working as a photographer’s assistant. As Albert’s fascination with all things visual grew into an obsession for telling stories, his creative itch soon had him producing short films before finding his true calling as a director.

Recently, Albert directed several episodes of the TNT and HBO MAX television series La Muchacha Que Limpia, which begins airing in March of 2020. A dark and subtle comedic thriller told from the point of view of the housekeeper in a crime family, the show allowed Albert to apply his versatility in mixing humour, action, romance, and drama - all in one story.

Albert’s body of work as a director, producer and writer has garnered recognition from the Cannes Lions and nominations at the Spanish Academy Awards. His international client base includes Coca-Cola, Audi, Toyota, Axe, McDonald’s, Nike, Ferrari, Corona, Volkswagen, Ikea, and State Farm, among many others. 

“Given his global pedigree, there’s no denying that Albert has the ability to transcend into our market,” adds Preston Garrett. “His background as a writer and producer enables him to view a project from an angle that many directors cannot. Using our knowledge and expertise, we’ll utilise that asset to its fullest as we introduce Albert to U.S. agencies on a whole new level.” 

Albert is also the founder of Garage Films, where he is represented in Spain, Latin America, and the Hispanic market in the US Albert is also repped by The Family in Italy, Mad Cow in the UK, Bandits in France, and Nicholas Berglund in several markets. 

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