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Digital Platform Lickd Appoints Truant as First Ever Creative Agency Partner
Advertising Agency
London, UK
Lickd signs Truant after a four way pitch and plans to target Gen Z creator audience

Lickd – the digital platform helping YouTube content creators legally use the music they love – has signed with advertising, media and music agency, Truant London, after a four-way competitive pitch.

Lickd, launched in 2016, helps creators maximise content and monetise audiences by enabling legal use of established music tracks. Providing commercial music licensing from respected record labels and chart artists for YouTube videos, and with over half a million tracks on its platform, Lickd is leading the charge in helping creators maximise their reach through the use of brilliant, recognisable music.

Truant has been appointed as Lickd’s first ever creative agency partner to help the brand further cement itself into the hearts and minds of the YouTube creator community, via an attention-grabbing 'Supercharge Your Content' communications platform and media strategy that spans both the UK and the US. Debut work breaks in Q3 2021 across digital channels and key global creator events including VidCon 2021.

The creators themselves will feature at the heart of the campaign, using grassroots talent as brand presenters to bring to life the benefits of using Lickd. From gamers to fitness instructors, choreographers and food fans, Truant will target Gen Z YouTube creators with 1,000+ followers by developing an energetic, distinct and visceral campaign built upon the creative idea of ‘Supercharge Your Content’.

Bojan Ambrus, head of growth marketing at Lickd, said: “Truant demonstrated to us that they really understand our creator audience and have a clear view on not just the creative approach but also on how to treat media and music as part of the mix. We're confident that the work will cut through with our creator audience and really help build meaning and fame in the Lickd name.”

Chris Jefford, co-founder and CEO at Truant, added: “We're loving being asked to help Lickd with developing a new campaign to reach the YouTube creator audience. They're a disruptive platform that’s solving a huge problem and we're really fired up about bringing the message of 'Supercharge Your Content' to US and UK audiences.”

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