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Digital Marketing in 2021: The Way Forward

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Pankaj Jain, partner director of India and Southeast Asia at Httpool shares his thoughts on how digital marketing will look in the coming year

Digital Marketing in 2021: The Way Forward
Click-click; tap-tap, it's the new rhythm we've been dancing to - mostly since the Covid-19 restrictions have fallen upon us. Will 2021 be indifferent, or we can take a jab at capitalising AR/VR and close in on the distance with consumers without establishing contact?
That's right, over the past year:
  • Impatience has become a virtue, and that's where brands have invented new ways, developed apps, and found new ways to interact with you. Distance is not measured in miles but clicks.
  • What's sought by people is not a destination; instead, direct digitisation of all there is to it.
  • Now, with a sensor-based app, you can live in the moment without being there, experience the product, and cultivate the relationship 2020 seems to have pushed away.

I don't want to step out - rather have someone fly a drone to deliver cookies (our everyday imaginations'). That's the pace at which Digital Advertising is also grappling us - there's a face you can put to every voice heard and don your game-face when it's time to face the camera.
Looking at the increase in advertising demand, it struck me.
  • We've never been short on variety, but cookies - optimising your search engine without the help of cookies and skimming the best of the whole world, is quintessential.
  • While you choose to read this magazine - there are emails, messages, push notifications, videos, blogs, [and the list goes on] hovering in every nook and corner available on your smartphone.
A choice that the modern advertiser of the digital world makes every day "Which path to choose?" - a strategy that revolves around browser-cookies or targeting based on interest, we're always learning new things, and no two days are alike.

A new product can be introduced by an influencer endorsed in a video or a subtle integration via Echo Dot - a choice made for you by the Digital World. Should you choose to accept it?
While Google chose to gradually phase-out support of third-party cookies over the next two years in Mar 2020, how will the digital marketing landscape look?
  • Interest-based targeting is the next opportunity for advertisers and advertising platforms. Personalization for the consumers will inevitably become the next stepping stone for gathering information, proving quite useful than a cookie-based approach.
  • In 2021, the digital world's online consumers are 'well-informed'; they start their day by giving a voice command and sleep, only after their unquenchable thirst of watching content has come to a pause.

And, it's a blessing in disguise:
  • As it happens, your visitor now will be the selected lot with that intent to buy and who perceives the site as useful and voluntarily accepts cookies.
  • A drawback for those who still rely on remarketing and retargeting since it will sway away those who don't accept a specific website's agreement to collect cookies.
  • Therefore, consenting visitors will serve as better leads, help you tailor marketing campaigns, and trust you as they're aware of how their data is used and exchanged.
Thereby, advertisers have now started to tap into their wish to access content on the go. Or, if you'd like to put it the 2021-way, "Interest is of the essence, not the content." Different time zones, devices, and preferences - steps taken in 2021 will unravel the trick to master it all.
So, I ask you:
  • "What will push the envelope?" The push of relevant content strikes a balance with time [an advertiser's TG is convenient with].
  • A trader isn't interested in knowing "what's trending?" other than the stock options at nine in the morning, and no one wants to listen to an audio ad on a smart speaker when asked to "Turn off the lights" at nine at night.
This brings us to the point of self-serve platforms in programmatic advertising. It's the common man's daily routine that makes their life the most relatable to another common man (may it be an influencer or an advertiser.)

Whether it is making a plane out of a craft paper or crafting an advertising strategy (DIY) - self-serve programmatic platforms come in handy. While the concept has been around for more than a while now, 2021 will add to the efficacy it has shown so far. With people stepping out less than ever, I reckon that self-serve platforms for programmatic advertising will help people manage and optimize ad campaigns independently.
The advertising ecosystem has seen a massive change over the last years. One of the most profound impacts has been the broad spectrum of platforms available now (programmatic display, video, mobile, social media, OTT, and more).

Whichever is your pick:
  • There's an ad industry flourishing within its confines. And, so has the matrices of it.
  • It's not where you tap into your TG, instead, "when?" - the complexities of which lie in the very DNA of advertising.
  • The 'how' of gathering views/likes/comments and the likes of them - is the next systematic approach and how the marketers are trying to structure it.
Like I said in the beginning, your advertising efforts will only yield the desired measures when you're wise enough to choose a path on which the consumer can not only easily tread on instead "choose it" willingly. To sign off with, with anti-privacy issues piling up everywhere, people don't want to give out their likes/preferences/personal information to you. Yet, they'll be more than happy to indulge if you serve them with the right information, a desirable destination, and adding that "instant touch" in their decision-making process. 

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