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Digi Telecommunications' Christmas Spot is Inspired by Malaysia’s First Female Fighter Pilot

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Naga DDB Tribal’s film centres on a father who inspires his young daughter to become a fighter pilot with a simple gift of a paper plane

2020 will be known as the year we put distance between each other, yet grew closer with one another. Malaysians stayed indoors and rediscovered lost time with loved ones, and hobbies that were left to collect dust on forgotten shelves. 

With 'Wind Chaser', Digi wishes to encourage Malaysians to continue inspiring their loved ones to take their dreams and aspirations to greater heights, no matter the circumstances. 

Inspired by the true story of Malaysia’s first female fighter pilot, the film centred on a father who inspired his young daughter to become a fighter pilot with a simple gift of a paper plane. Whimsical animation and heartwarming moments nail home our belief that unconditional love is the greatest gift that lets the dreams of those we care take flight and come to life. 

Bernard Lee, Digi’s head of marketing services said: “Through this difficult year, it is heartening to see Malaysians rallying together to show support whether it is as simple as supporting a local business or offering emotional support to those who may be going through a tough time. Let us find a renewed hope in the coming year and continue to inspire the next person to stay motivated to soar to greater heights and let their dreams take flight. On behalf of Digi, we would like to wish all Malaysians a Happy Holiday Season and may the New Year bring health, happiness and prosperity to everyone.”

Naga DDB Tribal’s creative director, Ellison Fernandez said: “The heart of this story carries a universal truth that many of us can relate to. As we follow the story through the girl’s dream sequences, we see the pivotal moment when the dad’s acceptance sets her on her way to achieving her dream. By crafting the dreams in varying art styles, we aimed to also widen the appeal of the story. Together, the team took this over the finish line. You could call it divide and conquer, but finally putting the components together brought the magic to life. And we have Director’s Think Tank to thank (pun intended) and a host of other partners for spurring us on, to produce a great story of inspiration. One female fighter pilot’s story is a reflection of our love and encouragement towards one another, in a year that has brought many challenges. Never stop chasing the skies.”

Rajay Singh of Director’s Think Tank added, “The piece was a great way to end this year, brought a lot of positivities and also showed us what we could do if we just looked out for one another. I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

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