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Deutsch LA's Singing Mammogram Wants You to Check Your Mammaries

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Los Angeles, USA
Komen Los Angeles launches campaign in advance for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Susan G. Komen Los Angeles County today launched an inspiring new marketing effort to communicate the importance of preventative breast cancer measures in an entertaining way. The organization has introduced the first-ever ‘Singing Mammogram’ in advance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month as part of their mission to combat the disease on every front. Susan G. Komen is the world’s largest breast cancer organization; Komen Los Angeles County serves the needs of its community through grants to local hospitals and health programs.

With breast cancer affecting one out of eight women in the country, Komen LA County partnered with creative agency Deutsch LA to create The Singing Mammogram video and inspire and remind women to schedule a mammogram. Rather than resort to scare tactics commonly found in preventative health messaging, the charity sought a more positive and shareable way to generate awareness of this cause going beyond a traditional PSA.

“We are grateful to Deutsch LA for bringing The Singing Mammogram campaign, pro bono, to Komen LA,” said Mark K. Pilon, executive director of Komen Los Angeles County. “Especially in a major market like LA, a non-profit needs an edge, something really memorable, to ensure their message is heard. Deutsch and its partners in this campaign should all be applauded, not only for their creativity, but for being such a great community partner in raising awareness about the importance of getting a mammogram.”

Similar to the idea of a singing telegram, this smile-inducing video features a catchy, lyrical song that delivers an important health message, bringing an element of levity to an otherwise serious issue. A 1950’s-style Doo-Wop group sings about the importance of “protecting your pair” and to “celebrate your breasts with this reminder to get a test.” Intended to strike both a smile and a chord, viewers will hum and snap along while being reminded about scheduling regular check-ups. Women are encouraged to share The Singing Mammogram video and its message with other women in their lives via social media channels. 

“Breast cancer is a disease that has affected too many people we love, both within our Deutsch LA family and beyond. We knew we wanted to create something that was both shareable and entertaining, and use levity to motivate women rather than doom and gloom," said Kim, Getty, COO Deutsch LA. "In order to inspire women to rally their friends and family around this cause, we invented The Singing Mammogram--a non-traditional, yet high impact video with a compelling call-to-action. The video carries an important message of early detection and prevention that will break through the clutter and potentially save lives."

The Singing Mammogram can be found at Komen LA hopes women across the country will take action both in scheduling an appointment and sharing the video; the organization’s goal is to reach one million shares and likes. Deutsch LA developed the video pro bono alongside production partners Moxie Pictures and director Rick LeMoine, Human Worldwide, Method Studios, Moving Picture Company and Arcade. 

Prior to the official launch of The Singing Mammogram campaign, users will be encouraged to spread the message by visiting Komen LA’s Thunderclap page: From there, users can “donate” a Facebook post, a tweet or a Tumblr post using the official hashtag #SingingMammogram. All donated posts will be held in a queue and released at the same time into the social media world on October 1st  of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The goal is for at least 250 supporters to donate a social media post via Thunderclap.

Breast cancer, when detected in its early stages has a 99% five-year survival rate. However, when diagnosed at a late stage, the five-year survival rate decreases dramatically to 24%. In LA County alone, approximately 6,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year. Recognizing that early detection is critical in treating and fighting this disease, Komen LA is passionate about arming the local community with information about mammography. 

To date, the Affiliate has raised over $10 million for community-based grants to local LA County health organizations. Through these grants, Komen LA provides crucial funding for breast cancer diagnostic services, educational programs, patient navigation, and psychosocial support. 75% of Komen LA’s net income funds grants to local hospitals and organizations serving uninsured and underinsured women and men in Los Angeles County; the remaining 25 percent supports Susan G. Komen’s national grants program.

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