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Destination Québec Cité Launches New Campaign as Colourful as its Residents

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Montreal, Canada
DQc and lg2 continue their collaboration with new creative showcasing the art and admirers of the province’s capital

Destination Québec cité has unveiled its 2022 summer campaign, 'Québec City, an inspiring destination,' created in collaboration with lg2. The campaign goes beyond simply showing off the region’s attractions to give voice to the residents who truly make the city special. Their testimonials about the region are captured in a short documentary that explores the city and brings to life their experiences within it. The stories these Québécois de Québec share inspired two artists to create the colourful mural at the heart of the campaign, a tribute to the renowned Québec City mural, the Fresque des Québécois.

A Story, A Mural, A Destination

To resonate with residents and tourists alike, the creative concept had to be both unifying, inspiring and authentic. That’s why the campaign's narrative draws on the real-life stories of a Toronto anglophone, a Wendat singer, a Belgian immigrant, a retired boxer, a literary columnist, a young history teacher and many other locals who all share a deep love for the Québec City region.

Storytelling is the inspiration for the spectacular new mural created for the campaign at the heart of Québec City’s Saint-Roch district. The mural artists, Korb and Ax, translated the words and emotions of the people featured in the video into images, ultimately bringing a new attraction to life. As Montrealers with no first-hand knowledge or experience in the region, the artists immersed themselves in the stories captured in the video to “see” the region through fresh eyes.

The summer campaign imagined by lg2 goes well beyond mere art and is anchored in the many facets of the region's entertainment. In a sense, the mural is a work of art for and from all residents of Québec. It is a reflection of their colourful personalities and the unique mix that makes the region so vibrant.

The campaign videos (in French: 2 min 30s video. In English: 30s and and 15s TV spots of Québec City by theme) can be viewed online and on TV in Québec, as well as online in Ontario and the United States.

“This new promotional campaign is an opportunity for Destination Québec cité to give the residents of Québec City a voice about what inspires and excites them about living in the region. Bringing everything together in a mural, a lasting legacy for the destination, means there is even more to discover in our wonderful region, a veritable open-air museum.” — Robert Mercure, director, Destination Québec cité

“This campaign reflects the relationship of mutual trust we have with Destination Québec cité. The brand is always ready to jump in with both feet, even with unexpected concepts. They push us to develop bigger and better ideas. And with a 25-foot tall mural, I think it’s safe to say that this new campaign is no exception!” — Claudia Trudeau, account manager, lg2

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