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Denon Launches App and Microsite

Advertising Agency
New York, USA
visYOUalize aims to help visitors find the right headphone for thei lifestyle


Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home and personal audio products, today launched visYOUalize Yourself (, an unprecedented breed of microsite that uses advanced face mapping technology to provide visitors with an interactive headphone experience. The site offers consumers a unique method of selecting the right headphone for their lifestyle and personal style. Visitors can upload photographs or use their webcam to virtually try on the headphones and take a screenshot of themselves while wearing Music ManiacTM, Urban RaverTM, Globe CruiserTM or Exercise FreakTM headphones. The first-of-its-kind visYOUalize Yourself site was conceived by BBDO New York; the technology maps faces and applies an equalizer treatment which will sync an uploaded image to the music playing. The site launches globally today and was built by Jam3.
The visYOUalize Yourself Experience: Feel the Music Like Never Before
The visYOUalize Yourself microsite is designed to be extremely user friendly. Upon entering the site, simply choose the Denon headphone category you wish to explore. Next, either upload your photo or capture your image using a webcam. The face mapping technology lets you perfectly align your face so that it appears as if you are actually wearing the headphone. As you listen to your favorite songs on the Denon playlist you can move your visYOUalized head in sync with the music so you’re able to see all angles of the headphones. With a click of your mouse the visYOUalize Yourself site takes your photo. Once you are visYOUalized wearing your Denon headphone choice, you can share the photo with friends (via Facebook and other social media platforms).You can then move on to visYOUalize yourself in all of Denon’s new headphones. The site additionally provides complete product information on each model, the option to purchase and a list of retailers closest to the visitor’s area.
In conjunction with the launch of the visYOUalize Yourself site, Denon is also introducing a visYOUalize Yourself App that lets users tap into the experience anywhere and anytime. With the free downloadable app users can sync and display their own visYOUalized image with their personal music library on their phone or tablet. Don Freeman, VP of Marketing, Americas, D+M Group stated: “We are excited to launch this unique platform, which offers our consumers and partners a high level of interactivity. This concept is a phenomenal reflection of what the Denon headphone lineup delivers; a unique experience that puts you on center stage where you can feel the music across our four lifestyles.”
New Denon Headphones designed for Four Different Lifestyles
Denon’s new lifestyle-oriented lineup offers headphones designed for four different lifestyles or use cases. Denon’s new aptly named line of Music ManiacTM headphones is designed for the traditional audiophile with a focus on acoustic purity and audio quality. An additional lifestyle, which Denon calls Urban RaverTM, features models targeted to the younger music enthusiast that listens to contemporary genres of music with a heavy emphasis on bass. Denon Globe CruiserTM headphones are designed specifically with the needs of the frequent traveler in mind, while Denon Exercise FreakTM headphones are designed for fitness buffs. All new line additions will be available this fall and will be backed by advertising from BBDO New York which was selected as Denon’s first creative agency partner earlier this year.
Noted Petro Shimonishi, Senior Global Product Manager, Headphone Category: “Each of our headphones were specifically designed and engineered to meet the needs of targeted consumer lifestyles, which is why the visYOUalize Yourself concept and experience is so fitting for their launch. Not only have we incorporated fascinating new face mapping and webcam technology but we’re giving Denon fans the opportunity to virtually try on the headphones so they can discover exactly how each of these headphones fit into their life. The visYOUalize Yourself app and site take the guesswork out of purchasing headphones online in addition to completing and enhancing the music experience.”

Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Creative Director/Copywriter: Adam Reeves
Creative Director/Art Director: Danilo Boer                                      
Creative Director/Art Director: Cesar Finamori
Senior Interactive Producer: David Ross
Executive Producer: Diane Hill
Account Director: Dhane Scotti
Account Director: Celeste Pulman
Account Executive: Mallory Ramos
Production Company: Jam3, Toronto