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Defining Award-Worthy: Q&A with ECD Audrey Tamic

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London, United Kingdom
Proximity Paris ECD and Caples juror Audrey Tamic on taking risks and the priceless value of feedback

Having joined Proximity BBDO in 2006, Audrey Tamic worked first as an art director and copywriter before becoming executive creative director. With a strong take on cultural mediation and digital experiences, Audrey has worked on brand campaigns, digital and relationship marketing, and brand identity projects over her 12+ years at the agency. 

Audrey has won many awards from FWAs to Effies and has been recognised for a range of campaigns for prestigious clients such as Mercedes Benz (The Monolith), Carte Noire, CHANEL and Tropicana. 

Q> What does creativity mean to you in just three words?

Audrey> Resilience, conviction and hope.

Q> What is your advice for those wanting to break the mould, think differently, and create work that stands out?

Audrey> My advice is simple: fear complacency and dare to take risks!

Q> What makes a piece of work worthy of a Caples Award and what will you be looking for when judging?

Audrey> I’d like to see a combination of insight and innovation. 

Q> How have awards that you have won in the past influenced or changed your career?

Audrey> Entering awards helps you learn and grow, whilst getting rewarded for the great work you produce! Awards have helped boost my confidence and, over time, gave me credibility.

Q> The Caples provide feedback on every entry. As a creative, do you find this helpful when creating future work? And would you wish there were more opportunities to hear from your peers as a younger creative?

Audrey> Definitely! An award is great but feedback is priceless. It’s such a brilliant opportunity to hear honest thoughts from a range of international creatives - you don’t often get this opportunity so use it wisely...

Q>  What kind of work are you bored of and what are you hoping to see more of this year?

Audrey> Personally, I’ve seen enough of AR. It’s been around for a while and I’m looking for something fresh and new. This year, I’ll probably be looking out for 'slow content', the kind of work that catches your attention whilst also feeding your mind, inviting us to take a much-needed break in our hectic lives.

Q> What was your favourite piece of work in 2019?

Audrey> Blindmeters by Happiness Brussels.

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