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DDB Singapore's Ladysaver Soap Encourages Women to Check Their Breasts
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New breast cancer awareness initiative uses soap to remind women to do regular breast self-examinations

The earlier breast cancer is detected and treated, the greater the chances for survival. Which is why medical professionals worldwide recommend doing breast self-examinations monthly. Yet while breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting Singaporean women, how many women in Singapore check their breasts regularly, if at all? 

As a reminder, the Breast Cancer Foundation has introduced the ‘Ladysaver Soap’ – a new initiative to encourage women to check their breasts regularly and hopefully form a habit of doing so. The idea, which was developed by DDB Group Singapore and produced in collaboration with local sponsor Soap Ministry – an artisanal soap-making company, was launched in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

The Ladysaver Soap comes in a box of 12 soap roses with each soap rose embedded with the waterproof reminder to ‘CHECK BREASTS’, progressively revealed with every shower. The use of soap allows the reminder to be integrated into women’s everyday routines, catering to even the busiest lives and reaching women at a convenient time and place so they can act on the reminder immediately. 

Noor Quek, President of Breast Cancer Foundation said, “We believe that this initiative is a positive step towards bringing the topic of breast cancer and the need for regular self-examinations out into the open whilst providing an easy, personal way for everyone in Singapore to translate their concern for the well-being of all the special women in their lives into meaningful action”.

Rowena Bhagchandani, Managing Director of DDB Group Singapore said, “This initiative is really about raising awareness of breast cancer among everyone, not just women, but anyone with women in their lives.  The simple gesture of gifting a box of soap roses is not only something everyone can relate to easily, but the act provides a first step to helping save lives through advocating early detection.”  

Designed to be a soap that women will love, the Ladysaver Soap is handcrafted using moisturising organic goat’s milk, infused with rose essential oil. Breast cancer survivors and their supporters have lent their hands towards this initiative by creating the soap through BCF’s Healing Through The Arts programme, in a bid to help other women fight the battle they have won.  

This year, the BCF hopes to grow the network of support offered to all women and to raise awareness of breast cancer beyond at-risk women to the general public especially men, young adults and through the corporate community. This is incorporated into the concept that the  Ladysaver Soap is a gift that can be offered to the women one cares about.

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