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Daisy Takes Episodic Approach in New TV Campaign

New York, USA
The latest work from Blue Chip dramatises that sudden store dash to get Daisy Sour Cream
A new campaign from the agency Blue Chip tells the stories of consumers who dash to the store to get Daisy Sour Cream they can’t make a dish without. The storytelling marks a distinct evolution for the iconic family brand, which has built its category leadership on food-centred commercials with upbeat jingles.

In the first of the series, 'Breakfast Dash', a dad makes an early morning grocery run to get a cup of Daisy Sour Cream so he can make breakfast tacos for his family. When his wife appears in the kitchen, she says: “Hey, I thought we ran out of Daisy last night.” He answers, “We did – you know it’s not the same without it,” as he adds a dollop to the plate of tacos. The spot closes with Daisy’s classic jingle, “Do, do a dollop of Daisy.”

“We’re dramatising a scenario that plays out in families across America,” said Taylor Beckstead, brand marketing lead at Daisy. “We’ve all had the moment where we realise we're missing that unique ingredient to complete a dish, and we need to run out and get that one essential item you just can’t eat the food without.”

The first spot is running across broadcast and cable TV networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and USA Network, as well as digital pre-roll extensively on Hulu, YuMe and YouTube.

“For this new campaign we’re telling a narrative story rooted in human truth,” said Jason Geis, VP group creative director at Blue Chip. “By using the jingle as a pneumonic, we tap the power in the brand’s heritage and bridge the gap between classic and contemporary food advertising. And by building the stories around classic foods that go with sour cream, like tacos, we extend the visual heritage of the brand’s advertising.”

The next episodes will feature different stories - a backyard party with friends, an extended family's dinner - and incorporate a broader cast of characters. Research found that Daisy’s popularity extends across demographic groups, with a pronounced appeal among Hispanic consumers.

This is the fourth wave of advertising Blue Chip has created for Daisy since taking over as creative agency of record for Daisy’s sour cream and cottage cheese brands in September 2017.

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