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Daft Punk-Inspired Spot Shows How Almonds Are the 'Milk of the Land'

Advertising Agency
Brooklyn, USA
Lightning Orchard launches new campaign for plant-based beverage brand Silk

There’s no denying Americans love dairy. They love it so much, they’ll consume it even if it may make them feel awful later. The idea of giving up beloved dairy can be anxiety inducing for some people as consumers seek to understand more about plant-based, like where the ingredients come from and how plant-based products are made.

That’s why plant-based beverage brand Silk is on a mission to demystify plant-based products, starting with its new 'Milk of the Land' campaign from Lightning Orchard that launches today.

Silk plant-based offerings are born from the sun, rain and soil; familiar, beloved, bedrock things. The land is where it all starts. By showing how its main ingredients are grown, not made, using familiar natural elements (to a catchy new twist on Daft Punk’s 'Technologic'), Silk positions itself as a great-tasting, standalone offering, not an alternative to dairy. Additional spots featuring other Silk plant-based products will be released throughout 2021.

Derek Neeley, vice president, Silk, comments: “We set out to demystify our plant-based offerings by helping to familiarize consumers with their origin story through this engaging, energizing campaign. As the leader in plant-based beverages, it is our duty to enlighten viewers on how plant-based products like almond, oat and soy are simply grown from the land, and show that they’re a standalone option - not an alternative! – that both taste good and are good for the planet.”

Laura Janness, founder and chief strategy officer, Lightning Orchard, says: “Switching from dairy to plant-based makes people feel anxious, because they may not understand how plant-based products are made. Our campaign sets out to reduce the anxiety people may feel by making Silk familiar and fun.”

Jeff Kling, founder and chief creative officer, Lightning Orchard, comments: “The new Silk campaign aims to normalize plant-based products by showing familiar things that lead to their creation, such as the sun, soil and rain, all explained through a Daft Punk song.” 

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