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D&AD and WPP Break Through With Second Series of Make and Break Podcast
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London, UK
The podcast aims to bring creative learning, skills and advice to a wider audience

D&AD and WPP has today launched the second series of their breakthrough podcast, Make and Break.  

The six-episode series provides tips, advice and hacks for students, graduates or anyone who is looking to kick-start a creative career. Presented by host Naina Sethi (Apple Music, Beats Radio), the podcast features Naina in conversation with some of the UK’s most exciting, emerging creative talent, discussing the issues, hurdles and what it takes to navigate the creative journey of starting out. 

Guests include James Parker, freelance creative behind the viral ‘Explains a lot’ Burger King tweet, Leyya Sattar, co-founder of The Other Box an award-winning organisation celebrating creatives from underrepresented backgrounds and Stuart Radford, Executive Creative Director at leading brand agency Superunion. Each episode sees the guests, who were handpicked from a range of creative disciplines from advertising to design to social media - take to the mic to share their unique take on the theme exploring the issues and hurdles that people can face at the start of their careers. 

With themes including How to Get Your Foot in the Door and Defining What Success looks like, each guest shares their thoughts and perspectives on each topic, sharing insightful, personal experiences to provide listeners with tangible, real--life career lessons - covering everything from how to make the most out of your networks to handling microaggressions within the workplace and what it takes to develop a personal brand. 

Sophia Luu, D&AD New Blood Academy graduate & Co-founder of On The Mend, who appears in the final episode of the series reflecting on defining success, says: “To be asked to talk about success so early on in your career can be really daunting - but after reflecting on my career journey, I realised that growing to have pride in your work and take risks is a huge step.

As someone who never studied a formal design degree (and no clue about advertising!), the New Blood Academy really gave me a boost of confidence and a newfound set of skills which have been really helpful with job applications and running a health and design business with my friend. 

Being part of this podcast meant that I was able to share all the things I wish I’d known when first starting out, and snippets of advice from people in the industry. If you want a career in the creative industry but don't know where to begin, I hope you find comfort in this podcast - it really is possible!”

Hilary Chittenden, Senior Foundation Manager at D&AD, says:  “As an educational organisation, D&AD aims to create opportunities for emerging creatives, and to help make people work-ready we are dedicated to creating tools that help bridge the gap between what education teaches and what the industry requires. The D&AD New Blood Academy exists to prepare creatives with the skills necessary for entering the creative industries, so we are proud to bring the podcast back again to continue to share the valuable insights and teachings from the Academy with a wider audience.” 

The Make and Break podcast releases as the 2020 briefs for the D&AD New Blood Awards open, where the ultimate prize is a coveted spot on the D&AD New Blood Academy - a creative boot camp run in conjunction with WPP - where participants learn from the best in the business to gain skills and insights to help kick-start creative careers. The podcast reflects what people learn and experience as part of the Academy, in the view of bringing these lessons to more people. 

All episodes of Make and Break are now available to download and listen for free on the D&AD website, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can listen to the show by clicking here