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Cutters Tokyo Adds New Colourists & Editor

Post Production
Chicago, USA
Ben Conkey & Pete Ritchie join as colourists while Nathan Pickles joins as editor

Cutters Tokyo has welcomed three stellar artists to its roster: colourists Ben Conkey and Pete Ritchie, and editor Nathan Pickles. All bring years of cross-disciplinary experience and sterling global expertise to bear on Cutters' rising demand in the Asian market.

As editorial inquiries from Japan continue to grow, and with China and Southeast Asia expanding at a breathless pace, the company is building on its award-winning achievements, and positioning itself to be the region's premier post-production studio and creative center.

"It's always a great time to bring on exceptional talent,” said Cutters Tokyo's managing director/editor Ryan McGuire. "These days, more and more of the commercial filmmaking is handled by the editor and the post house. We are now even better prepared to continue servicing this brave new world of advertising."

Colourists Ben and Pete have known one another since Ben was 17. Pete worked under Ben's father Michael Conkey, founder of the Iloura post houses in Melbourne and Bangkok, Finito Films' two offices in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, and Fin Design + Effects in Sydney. They share Australasian roots and global resumes, having worked for two decades alongside A-list directors, clients and agencies worldwide. Both have graded commercials, music videos, shorts and feature films, and bring the artist's passion and the craftsman's discipline to the table.

"Ben grew up in the business, and he knows colour - both the theory and technology - better than anyone I've ever met," Ryan added. "And Pete compliments Ben's stylistic approach with his knack for the natural. He's already got a very solid book of work in our market, and we're very lucky to have him."

Nathan is an editorial entrepreneur. At 26, he founded his own editing house in London. Soon after, he was contributing to award-winning music videos and iconic campaign spots for clients such as Vodafone, Heineken and Mastercard. He brings a deep knowledge of global standards and a hunger to work to Cutters, a company that in his words is "ahead of the curve."

According to Ryan, Nathan combines two key skill sets – editorial versatility and salesmanship. "He has a varied reel, so we can sell him to a wide variety of Asian clients. He also has business and sales experience. Editing is sales. Being good at sales takes great communication skills, which Nathan has in droves."

Cutters Tokyo's executive producer Timo Otsuki added, "These guys have multicultural backgrounds and reams of experience, and they're the very best at what they do. The fact that they love Japan cinches the deal!"