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INFLUENCER: do epic sh*t's Ramzi Moutran tells us not to put a good crisis to waste

I read a great quote recently: ‘Don’t put a good crisis to waste’. Our need to survive relies on us to think creatively. It’s what we’ve always done and what has always propelled us through to the other side. 

Wherever there is a problem, there’s opportunity. Cave man was cold, so he learnt how to make fire. Seems simple now but was it back then?

Jump to the future and we’ve always found creative solutions. And by creativity I don't just mean the advertising industry or anyone with 'creative' in their job title. I’m talking about engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, all of us thinking creatively in our own industry to adapt to change.

The coronavirus is forcing us all to rethink the challenges we are all facing and adapt to change, both professionally and personally. Fundamentally, our business models will change. Many businesses will learn to work without the need for offices. How we communicate will transform. Distribution will continue to step up so more of our essentials come to us, not the other way around. Interior designers and architects will show us how we live and work from home in the future - not just for the fancy few who have a study at home, but for all living spaces. 

We’ve become accustomed to wearing a suit to work in the city. Now we will wear a suit to protect us while we travel. Think hazard suits with a Gucci flare and the fashion industry taking on the challenge to keep us safer but looking cool at the same time. 

But coronavirus won’t be our main cause of concern here. I think the biggest challenges going forward will be adapting to loneliness and isolation. People will miss physical touch. Because sadly, elbow bumps and a nod from two metres away is what is quickly becoming our norm.   

Mother Nature will continue to relentlessly teach us the rules of living on her beautiful planet. And we will adapt because we are realising the earth cannot sustain 8 billion people. But creative solutions are needed for our survival. Not just from me. But from you. And everyone else around us. So fear not. Stay positive. Stay focused. And don’t put a good crisis to waste.

Be safe, be kind and be creative.

Ramzi Moutran is founder of do epic sh*t