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Creativity Squared: Using Creativity as a Final Touch with Chalermpol Bowonruttananpran

Advertising Agency
Bangkok, Thailand
Yell Advertising’s creative director talks teamwork, looking at problems from a client’s perspective and comedic advertising in Thailand

Chalermpol Bowonruttananpran is currently creative director at Yell Advertising where he began his career 11 years ago. When it comes to his success, it seems to be a combination of both passion and habit as seen through his accolades from New York Festival and Campaign Brief Asia. He has completed over 500 successful campaigns in a plethora of industries, including ecommerce, Real Estate, Finance & Banking, and many others.

Get to know more about his creative process below.


I’m more of an introvert. Small talk was never my thing, instead, I prefer listening. I find myself spending more time listening to other people’s stories – it’s interesting, because once I put myself in their shoes, I learn a lot from their mistakes and challenges. It’s another way to experience the world.

I actually don’t see myself personally as a ‘creative’ person. Instead, I am more of a ‘problem solver’ - a person who focuses on how to deliver the best solution that will meet the client’s needs, then adding the final touch by throwing creativity into it. I believe this way of working provides a better result.

This is why I don’t believe routine exists for creative people because every day is a new challenge. However, looked at a wider angle, there is one similar thing in every project – the problem and the solution.

I think when it comes to creativity, some people learn as they go and others are just blessed with it. One can of course practice it on the daily by watching movies, reading comics and playing video games. This choice of medium allows us to see how every person delivers their message through their piece of work. 

I always enjoy throwing what I love into my work, because I believe to create an impactful piece for others, you must be impacted by it first. Meanwhile, it’s important to always keep your target group in mind and put yourself in their shoes to understand expectations and outside factors such as trend, demand, and interest.


Adding ‘insight’ into the work always creates a greater impact for the audience. Usually, the topic you select to be discussed that contains the insight or the local angle, will be what strikes audiences’ emotions and interest in a way that allows you to communicate with them through your work. I like those ideas that are able to solve a problem. My job is to solve problems and apply any possible innovation to the work in order to create a better experience. 

In the past, we used to decide the solutions based on our own attitude, but now, with two-way communication, we can learn our target’s interests from a good amount of social media interaction. I have to say, my previous campaigns might not create a massive impact or change the way the world is, but what makes me proud is the way I help my customers find their best solution. Once they are happy, I am happy.

What frustrates me about the industry lately is any work that puts too much emphasis on technology. From an outsider’s perspective it might seem cool, but in reality, it’s too complicated.



When it comes to starting a campaign or creative project, finding the ‘objective’ is key. Before coming up with the idea, I like to go through some of competitors’ works and check out content on social media. I could wait for the revised brief from the account executive team or planning team, but I choose to do my own research ahead. 

Then, I like to start everything by drafting my plan on paper. This way it is easier to write everything down and I can think of the possible ways to map out any ideas that I can use as reference. In terms of helpful tools and platforms, I find observing Google Trends to be an easy way to catch up with what society is searching for. 
When it comes to techniques that I don’t find helpful, throwing ideas and brainstorming with team seem fun at first, but sometimes it turns out useless. However, it at least helps the team destress from their workloads. 

If I was asked if I prefer working collaboratively or alone a couple of years ago, I would have for sure said ‘alone’. However, now I prefer collaborative work in a team, because of the abundance of thoughts and ideas going around, that inspire me and help me come up with solutions. My first idea is never my best idea, that’s why giving my team a bigger picture of the structure, then having each of them share their opinion shapes these pieces of ideas together quite well, to finish with the best possible plan.
Whenever the team gets stuck, I always tell them to step back and try to see the wider picture instead of being focused on a single point. Sometimes when we re-read the brief, it’s funny how we might interpret it with completely different meaning from the first time. And there’s no right or wrong about it! 


When I was growing up, I always saw the comedy behind advertising in Thailand. It attracted me since a very young age and that’s when I realised I wanted to have a career in the industry. I wanted to be one of the people that figure out how audiences enjoy the entertainment from advertising, as well as to be able to deliver joy, while still being an effective messenger between brand and consumer.

I enjoy working with a large budget with no limitation or narrow concept fixed by the client. That way I can spread my wings and let my creativity fly as it wishes. It is a challenge, but provides opportunity.

When it comes to advice, I’d tell teams and agencies to always put themselves in the client’s shoes and that’s also what I would tell clients looking to get the best out of working with teams and agencies. Working as a family is the best way to go and I believe this will allow us to bring the best out of both sides.

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