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Creative Outpost Releases Tongue-in-Cheek Public Information Film

Post Production
London, UK
Made with archive footage, Creative Outpost releases its humorous Public Information film on post Covid-19 precautions

Creative Outpost has been speaking to the wider audio community and it was floated that similar companies (audio and picture post) should explain what measures they have in place for onsite Voice attends, to instil confidence that its adhering to the latest health measures regarding social distancing and hygiene. This way, artists and agents can be happy to use its facilities, assuming they can travel responsibly.

One of the key messages is that it has the glass separation in the sound booths and can run ‘contactless sessions’ observing complete isolation. Creative Outpost has been servicing audio and picture work remotely through lockdown, so it’s only in extreme cases now, but the film is also looking ahead as restrictions ease. The company took an alternative slant to a ‘not so interesting’ word document - being from the audio visual world - so instead do a walkthrough-type infomercial, but also tried to make it more engaging by inputting humour.

"The idea came late on a Sunday and we had a finished film on the Wednesday. Our reference started with those horrifying public information films of the 70’s that scared the bejesus out of me as a kid. So we know these films can leave their mark for sure. But we quickly refocused further back in time to the ‘coughs and sneezes’ campaigns, which were in fact incredibly funny. Intentionally funny I must add! We listened to the old Pathé News clips and I had the V/O in mind straight away and my dear friend Matthew obliged, throwing himself into it as you can hear. Absolute comedy gold here, still makes us laugh out loud every time."

The voice was given a vintage treatment, recorded on an iPhone in a room delivering similar sounding acoustics, later adding the authentic clicks, pops and crackle along with subtle, authentic old sound effects. "On the Monday, I went to the office and head of sound Dave (or his great Uncle Wilfred as he’s known in this film!), was actually in for an audio session. He had a suit left at work by chance and after painting on a pen moustache (and keeping our distance), we shot some funny bits on the 5D from our shoot kit, just off the cuff. I had planned to just shoot myself acting as the engineer that day, so worked out really well."

A few of the team trawled through archive footage and, on Tuesday, cut it and started working on the opening and closing titles. Polishing it on Wednesday morning, they swapped out some clips that they weren’t allowed to use and created the 40’s/50’s film treatment across the new shot content, as well as creating the Covid-19 cells ref shot through the microscope.

"The feedback has been great and whilst it all could’ve done with more time and polish, it pretty much does we want it to and as time was of the essence with this messaging, we thought just get it out there and see what people think and the response has been great. We’ve even joked with people that we recently uncovered this in the basement of the Film House archives by chance, so made up a little back story to accompany it. Making people laugh a little at this time is no bad thing too."

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