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Creative Content Flows in From Around the World in Response to UN's Covid-19 Brief

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The United Nations wants to flood news feeds and media channels with compelling, informed and uplifting creative work
On 30th March, the United Nations invited creators to respond to their open brief for compelling creative works conveying the right public health messages as well as uplifting content to unite the world. The Brief was hosted on Talenthouse, part of TLNT, which today announced that 17,000 creative submissions came in over two weeks from 143 countries. The creative word spans the written work, audio, graphic design, music, animation and film.
Dawda Jobarteh, global head of UN SDG Strategy Hub states: “We have been overwhelmed by the tremendous response from creators around the globe who have leaned in to help humanity in the face of this unprecedented crisis. This pandemic demands collective action and global collaboration. The creative community has delivered with powerful messages that transcend borders, languages, cultures and mediums, to help reach everyone in this fight against Covid-19. That fight begins with personal behaviour change and clear understanding of the facts, so communications couldn’t be more important. Now, the challenge is to get these inspiring works seen and heard by people all over the world, especially where the need is greatest.”
Approved creative work is available via United Nations Covid-19 Creative Content Hub here. Brands, media owners, press, governments, local authorities, educational establishments, celebrities and the public can freely access and share any of the work across their channels to maximise reach and distribution. The only requirement is to credit the creator, who has generously donated their time and passion. 

The Hub will be further augmented to host ‘curated collections’ of work around themes such as geographical location of the creators, work targeted at children, work in a certain pantone colour etc. Celebrated guest curators will also be asked to pull together a selection of their favourite pieces. 
Maya Bogle, co-founder of Talenthouse, notes: “Right now, brands are cutting media spend as they pull campaigns - this inventory could be donated to the UN to get this creative work out there. In addition, famous icons from the worlds of fashion, film, music, sport cannot record, film, tour or play competitively. They have time and influence on their hands which they can put to good use, so the UN appeals to them to share this work across their channels: the more work that is shared, the faster we can flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus whilst a vaccine is identified and distributed. The UN also wants to unite humanity with uplifting content at a time when fear prevails as we all fight the same invisible enemy.”
TLNT’s CEO, Clare McKeeve, adds: “We are using the contagion of positive messaging to fight a virus that brings misery, poverty and death. The entire global creative citizenry wanted to help spread the messages that inspire community and kindness. To work with such a dedicated and passionate team at the United Nations is humbling, and we are so happy to help the UN and WHO facilitate this endeavour. We are all proud to have received nearly 17,000 submissions from creators across 143 countries. We extend our overwhelming gratitude to all creative people and organisations for offering their phenomenal talent and time dedicated to this ‘call-out’. Most have experienced significant financial challenges, and yet they put their hearts into helping create messages to inspire and educate the global community. Please share these powerful messages by using your efforts to flood all networks with these exceptional images, messages and videos.”
About the Campaign  

The creative brief was to create iconic and impactful illustration, audio, video, or copy that was clear, uplifting, and conveyed one of the UN messages around the actions the public needs to take on:
1. Personal Hygiene
2. Physical Distancing
3. Know the symptoms
4. Kindness contagion
5. Myth busting
6. Do more, donate
Creative agencies, communities and individuals on all platforms across the globe participated, and were encouraged to share their work across their social channels, tagging @WHO @UN @UnitedNations @Talenthouse #CovidOpenBrief #UNCovid19Brief #FlattenTheCurve #SafeHands #AloneTogether #ViralKindness #StopTheSpread #Coronavirus #Covid19
As content is approved, it is migrated to the Hub where it is searchable by creative format, language, and key message. The work can then be shared to ensure this vital messaging is seen across multiple channels in multiple countries. Creators must be credited.

How To Help 

- Share the creative work across your channels
- If you have means of widespread or niche geographical distribution, contact
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