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Crazy Cats and a Flabbergasted Flamingo Bring the Joy of Winning to
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New York, USA
Havas New York's 'Welcome to WINever' debuted across New Jersey, New York, Texas and Colorado with plans to expand across the entire country
Group_3646, the first digital platform for ordering lottery tickets on any device, with no app download or deposit required, has partnered with Havas New York and launched its first brand campaign. 

Said to be revolutionising the industry,’s platform provides the same age-old joy of playing the lottery, but with the convenience of the digital age and its fully-integrated creative campaign shows how that's possible. 'Welcome to WINever' from Havas on Vimeo.

"We all know the feeling of having a ticket for that week's big game and letting yourself get lost in all the things you would do and buy if you won," said Thomas Metzger, CEO of Inc. in a press release. "With the continued growth of online and mobile transactions throughout the country, the framework helps reach new lottery players where they are to generate incremental funds for state lotteries and the beneficiaries they support.  We're proud to partner with Havas at such an exciting and pivotal time for" 

This product truth led Havas New York to create the brand platform of “Welcome to WINever” – a very real place where the dream of winning the lottery lives on any device, anywhere you are. Any downtime, any boring moment now has the potential to be life-changing with just a few taps on your phone.

The campaign finds inspiration in the mundane, the moments when we all could be doing something far more interesting, like watering the lawn, cleaning a room, or taking a bath. Then introduces as the catalyst for flipping the mundane into millions and making the surreal, very real. The spot shows crazy cats, dancing dead and a flabbergasted flamingo to portray a world that could make any moment instantly unforgettable.

The fun extends into out-of-home and digital with location-specific headline-driven executions that remind office workers they can “win between taking this offline and circling back”, and subway riders to “win between your ex’s place and your next’s place”.

" is revolutionizing the industry and we are excited to be a part of it," said Dan Lucey, chief creative officer of Havas New York in a press release. "We are taking a traditional, decades-old practice and displaying it in a fresh, modern way. There is no platform on the market like and our creative campaign shows that." 

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