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Crate Digging: Jumi Akinfenwa, Redfive

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London, UK
The seventeenth episode in the music discovery and discussion series from Concord Recorded Music

Crate Digging is a music discovery platform where contributors take home and discuss two records from across Concord Recorded Music’s active and historical labels.

Jumi Akinfenwa, music supervisor at Redfive, discusses her top two finds.

I’ve always had an affinity for music from Australia and New Zealand. I’ve never lived outside of the UK, so it's perhaps reflective of my deep seated desire to wake up one day and just up sticks to somewhere as far away as possible, despite the chokehold that Plague Island has on me.

For this reason, Skegss’ ‘My Own Mess’ seemed like a no-brainer. They’re one of those bands that make me feel like a teenager again, with their jangly hooks and oftentimes existential lyrics. 'Smogged Out’ for example, bemoans the overwhelming nature of city life, something you can relate to regardless of what continent you’re on. 

At 15 tracks long, on first glance, it seems like somewhat of a behemoth, however, the majority of the tracks clock in at around 2 and a half minutes. This makes for a chaotic listen at times, but in the best way. The perfect album for anyone with a similarly questionable attention span. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers a much needed succinct bit of respite.

For my catalogue pick, I went for “Moloch”. I’d never heard of this band or album before but several seconds into opening track ‘Helping Hand’ and I was hooked. The best way I can describe it is ’southern fried psychedelia’ or if Sam & Dave and Jimi Hendrix had a baby, so it’s right up my street.

I always find myself drawn to long-lost albums and apparently this was their only album and it was hard to come by until Stax reissued it in 2017, another sign that it’s a real treat. It also features the first recording of ‘Going Down’ which has essentially gone on to become a blues standard.

If you’re a fan of Cream, but looking for a Memphis soul edge, then it’s the perfect album for you.

From a sync perspective, I would love to place Moloch somewhere, I think they're definitely a band more people need to know about.

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