Couples Suffer the Consequences of the Ad Industry in this Club de Creativos Film

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MONO Madrid pokes fun at the long standing argument of who suffers more with the membership campaign
Couples Suffer the Consequences of the Ad Industry in this Club de Creativos Film

MONO Madrid agency are responsible for ‘Couples’ campaign, the last campaign for membership recruitment for Club de Creativos Spain. 

Under the insight that couples are the ones who suffer the most from the profession, the campaign honours partners of advertisers. The campaign gives visibility to a reality with which we disagree against which one is struggling and which isn't. “From a club that understands you, you become a member. From a club that understands even your couple, you shouldn't even think about it.”

Antiestático has been responsible for the production of the two-minute piece, which has been directed by Sebas Alfie, house's established director.

In the script, the characters blame their creative partners for spending little time with them due to their work. “One day he told me that we couldn't go to the movies because his boss wanted to see one more idea. So as his boss wanted to see one more idea, I saw one less movie” claims one of the offended couples in the spot.

Sebas is characterised by his tone and realism in all the characters, who leave a fun piece that perfectly defines the partners of creatives unable to understand the day to day of the sector.

However, the spot clarifies that the 'c de c' does understand them and knows that they are the ones who suffer the most from the profession. Therefore, he closes the piece with photos of the executive creative director Chacho Puebla enjoying time with his wife in different destinations and situations, asking these couples for patience and sending the message ‘there is hope, because if you go far you can live well’. Chacho reflects an example of conciliation, since he has always tried to be close to his partner, both in his professional and personal life.

"We are giving visibility to a reality with which we disagree, against which we are fighting and should cease to be an insight tomorrow," says Jorge Fesser, managing director of MONO Madrid.

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Campaign: Couples

Client: Club de Creativos/as de España

Product: Captación de socios

Contact Client: Concha Wert, Inés Fernández


Directors Agent UK: Agent Elson


Creative directors: Bitan Franco, Sito Morillo, Nando Vega Olmos

Managing director: Jorge Fesser

Art director: David Manzano, Laura Gutiérrez Paradela

Production houses: Antiestático y Veni

Managing director: Matías Dumont

Executive producer: Chalo Bonifacio

Producer: Yaiza Ríos

Director: Sebastián Alfie

DOP: Dani Borbujo

Edition: Sebas Antico

Music: Audio Network

Production assistants: Marta Díaz, Carlos Acinas

Chief producer: Ángel de Blas

Camera assistant: Daniel Ocanto

Sound: Jabi Garrido

Post Production

Post production: La Zapatilla Roja

Sound studio: La Panadería

Art direction: Verena Prujanski

Stylist: Lucía Maldonado

MUA: Andrea Ortíz

Electrician chief: Juan Castillo

Electrician: Pinky Alonso

Genres: Comedy, People, Dialogue

Agent Elson, 4 months ago