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Cossette Develops World Anti-Doping Agency’s New Brand Identity and Revamped Website
Advertising Agency
Toronto, Canada
Agency creates an optimised website to bring a coherent, modern brand to life

Cossette has launched the new visual identity and brand positioning for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), supported by a newly optimised web platform. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency is an international independent agency who’s mission is to lead a collaborative worldwide movement for doping-free sport. In 2020, WADA mandated Cossette to refresh its brand identity in order to increase its visibility and impact with its numerous global partners.  

A rallying brand that calls on all of us to Raise the Game

Formed in 1999 as the global regulatory body of doping-free sport, WADA has always been about integrity. After over 20 years of commitment, the Agency believed it was time to refresh the brand to reflect the fundamental way it is raising the game worldwide for athletes who believe in playing true.

The main challenge was to identify the unifying idea that would streamline and modernize the brand without losing the essence of WADA’s mission. As a global organization with a large breadth of expertise and an extensive network of stakeholders, WADA was in need of a rallying identity that would resonate with everyone from scientists to athletes and to sporting bodies and governments. The brand needed to convey the seriousness of WADA’s rules and regulations, and be engaging and human.  

With this objective in mind, Cossette’s design team shifted the focus back to the athletes, the love of sport and the level playing field they deserve to compete on. By leveraging the iconic equal sign, the design captures WADA’s dedication to equal chances for all in a global doping-free sporting environment. In addition, it uses the colours of the various fields of play and authentic imagery to pay homage to the athletes and their game. The revamped logo honours legacy elements, such as a square representing the rules that everyone agrees to follow, and the equal sign that evokes fairness with a human touch. 

An optimised website to bring a coherent, modern brand to life

To carry out its mission and uplift engagement between its stakeholders, WADA also needed to be supported by an active and high-performance website. However, the existing platform lacked fluidity, movement and accessibility, and users were struggling to find information. To tackle this issue, Cossette created a user-friendly, intuitive digital experience that enables WADA to communicate in a contemporary way. 

Inspired by the lines found on playing fields, the new website is warm, streamlined, dynamic and well-structured. With its modular platform and dedicated sections, the organization can present its collaborative movement and diverse activities in an impactful way. It has succeeded to eliminate points of friction, remain relevant to a variety of target audiences and promote content discovery, all while reflecting the brand’s strategic positioning and amplifying the reach of its core message – to Play True.

“Under WADA’s 2020-2024 strategic plan, we want to raise awareness and shape a proactive narrative that demonstrates the positive impact of doping-free sport and WADA’s role. With the support of Cossette, we believe that we have developed a brand that reflects our desired positioning of ‘Raising the Game’; and, a website that will help us transform WADA’s digital footprint in a way that is engaging for all stakeholders,” says Catherine MacLean, director, communications, at WADA.

“We had to develop a complete brand ecosystem that would live up to WADA's powerful ambitions and, at the same time, remain flexible so that it can adapt to all the Agency’s needs across a wide range of activities,” says Richard Bélanger, vice-president, design, at Cossette. “It was both exciting and rewarding for Cossette to work with a profoundly human organization that has such an impact worldwide.”

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