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COPA90 Launches COPA90 50/50 Ahead of Women's World Cup
COPA90 has commissioned 50 illustrations of the 50 players you should know ahead of the tournament
To celebrate the 50-day countdown to the Women’s World Cup in France this summer, COPA90 has commissioned 50 illustrations of the 50 players you should know ahead of the tournament. 

The skills, personalities and idiosyncrasies of some of the best footballers of the past, present and future – players such as global superstar and greatest goal scorer of all time and US soccer legend Abby Wambach; England’s favourite footballer-turned-presenter Alex Scott; Alex Morgan, US Forward and Olympic Gold Medalist; Laura Guiliani, Italy’s No.1 goalkeeper and Brazilian, Marta Vieira da Silva, known simply as Marta, who has scored more World Cup goals than any other woman – have been brought to life by a talented illustration team ahead of the tournament this summer. 

All 50 chosen players have been given their own individual release dates - COPA90 is releasing the illustrations 50 days from the start of the World Cup (18th April), one per day on all its platforms until the kick-off in Paris on June 7th. The categories are: Legends, Trailblazers and Wonderkids, with each player bringing their own original contribution to the game. 

Every illustration is a celebration of a players’ unique attributes as an athlete and a baller – highlights of their careers, their skills and the countries they represent, as well as an insight into what makes them such awesome and inspiring personalities and characters; unearthing who they are both on and off the pitch.

COPA90 hosted an exhibition on 17th April to showcase all 50 illustrations, introducing guests to the colourful artworks – and some of the real life versions – of the chosen footballers. These are the heroes of yesteryear, the stars currently at the top of their game, and the talent set to take the women’s football world by storm as the World Cup unfolds. 

On the night, guests were able to go on a journey through the evolution of women’s football, which now feels on the cusp of a genuine breakthrough in popular perception among football fans. 

Which players will you want to look out for in France this summer? What makes you want to follow them on Instagram? Is it their passion for music? Is it the link to the domestic team they play for? Is it their nickname? Is it their upbringing? What makes them different from the other players on their team?

All the artwork was created by a talented, ten-strong illustration team that is 50% female and 50% male. Read more about the meaning behind some of the illustrations below. 

Alex Morgan – USA (Illustration by Suzanne Dias) 

·       Olympic Rings - Morgan is an Olympic gold medalist
·       Scales - Morgan vocal civil right activist, does a lot of philanthropy work. Including being the first female footballer to sign up to the Common Goal campaign, in which players donate 1% of their wages to football related charities
·       Book - Morgan has written a series of children’s books aimed at inspiring young girls
·       Film - last year made her acting debut, starring as herself in a fictional feature length film Alex & Me
·       Cal - began her career at the California Golden Bears at the University of California
·       ‘Baby Horse’ - USWNT team-mates affectionately nicknamed Morgan “Baby Horse” - a nod towards her style of running

Laura Guiliani – Italy (Illustration by Kevin McGivern)

·       Italy’s number 1 goalkeeper
·       The ‘om’ symbol on her shirt is a reference to her love of yoga
·       Drawing pencils and brushes in her pocket as she has a passion for art / draws/paints in her spare time
·       Plays for Juventus so we have the Turin skyline at the bottom

Alex Scott – Former England star (Illustration by Phil Galloway) 

·       Tube map, London landmarks - Alex was born and raised in London
·       3 Gunners - reference to Alex being an Arsenal legend
·       MBE on her shirt which she won for services to football
·       Holding a microphone because of her pioneering work in punditry and presenting on both the men’s and women’s game
·       Trophies - 5 Women’s Super League titles / 7 FA Cups / 1 Champions League title / FA Women’s Community Shield
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