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Group745 Calls out 2019 as the Most Confusing Year Yet

London, UK
Karmarama's new campaign highlights some of the most recent confusions of 2019, including Brexit, data privacy, and recycling has unveiled its new ‘2019 Confusion to Clarity’ advertising campaign, continuing to establish as a brand helping to bring clarity to the world - finding the best insurance deals for customers in a world of ever-increasing confusion.

The new ad campaign, created by Karmarama, draws on customer research and data insight, using qualitative and quantitative analysis to reveal how we’ve never lived in more confused times. The Karmarama insight team first conducted a round of netnography to reveal the volume and nature of confusion in the UK, uncovering the most prevalent sources of confusion from Brexit to data privacy, recycling, memes and much more. Qualitative research was then used to uncover the nature of confusion around these subjects, and to tease out further topics of confusion in 2019.

This year’s campaign highlights the most resonant confusions of 2019 that everyone can agree on, offering a refreshingly clear voice of reason in an increasingly overwhelming world.

In the TV campaign execution directed by Tom Kuntz, actor Timothy Murphy finds himself at the wheel of his blue Mercedes, stuck behind a lorry piled high with an assortment of 2019’s most confusing subject matters, but is able to navigate his way past the confusion to the clear road ahead – with the rallying cry that ‘We can get past the confusion.’

The campaign will be live across TV, Cinema, Radio, Press and OOH.

Sam Day, chief marketing officer at, said of the new campaign: “We already know that our ‘Don’t Be Confused. Be’ campaign resonates with people because it’s dramatically shifted our brand awareness dials. We’ve put the name back into the heart of the campaign and reclaimed the concept of ‘confusion’ in connection with our brand. Now we’re taking it a step further and tackling some very poignant confusions head-on.

“We’re not claiming to be able to clear up confusion around all of these themes – although where we can we will. We’re saying we know it’s confusing, let’s take a little bit of that pain away by giving you a clear way to buy your finances – particularly for some of the more complicated products like insurance. Audience insight has been integral to the concept of this campaign. We live in confusing times, but people don’t want to be confused. They want someone to be on their side and guide them through the nonsense. We’re all about being That’s what gives us the right to play in this space.”

Nik Studzinski, chief creative officer at Karmarama, added: “It’s 2019. The most confusing year ever. The perfect time to launch our new campaign. Finally, somebody offering some clarity. Gets my vote.”

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