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Condom Moment From LOKI and Inferno
Production Company
London, UK
Terrence Higgins Trust launches condom film for 30th Anniversary



Terrence Higgins Trust has released a hard-hitting promotional film to promote condom usage. ‘Condom Moment’, produced by production company LOKI, has been created as part of Terrence Higgins Trust’s 30th anniversary activities, and aims to normalise the condom conversation, by making it an integral and essential part of a healthy sex life.
The film uses the Phantom Flex high speed camera to breathtaking effect by first showing a variety of couples in full-speed sexual fervour before dramatically slowing as the viewer hears their whispered thoughts build to a cacophony of worries, fears and insecurities about sexual health. The shift to slow motion is underlined by a soundtrack that cuts quickly from a Felix Partz (remake) by Peaches to Mozart’s Requiem and back again.
‘Condom Moment’ was written and directed by Tom Geens for LOKI. The film is the result of a creative brainstorming session for Terrence Higgins Trust, initiated by LOKI and its head Bob Ford, at which the cream of London’s creative agencies gathered to generate ideas on behalf of Terrence Higgins Trust’s 30th anniversary activities.
Genevieve Edwards, Director of Health Improvement at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Much of our work targets those communities most at risk of HIV in the UK, such as Africans and gay men. However, the safer sex message is just as relevant for anyone who is sexually active. Whether it’s unplanned pregnancy, an unpleasant infection, or a serious health condition like HIV, the trusty condom remains the UK’s greatest weapon against sexual ill health. As this film shows, it’s also the best way to maintain peace of mind.
“We’re delighted Loki has given us this opportunity to promote this important message to the general population, and are hugely grateful to them and the director Tom for creating such a slick, visually arresting film.”
Bob Ford, Managing Director at LOKI, said: “Condom Moment captures perfectly that fleeting moment when, even at the heights of sexual adrenaline, thoughts about possible risk enter people’s minds – but too often aren’t spoken. Tom Geens and his team have addressed that challenge directly and creatively in a way that LOKI hopes will make a great difference to the work done by Terrence Higgins Trust”.
‘Condom Moment’ can be seen at
Twitter hashtag: #condommoment
Project name: Condom Moment
Client: Genevieve Edwards, Executive Director of Communications, Fundraising & Health Improvement, Terrence Higgins Trust
Brief: As part of Terrence Higgins Trust’s 30th anniversary, breathe new life in the old and familiar message of HIV prevention.
Creative agency: LOKI/Inferno
Copywriters: Tom Geens, Ali Dickinson, Paul Mann, Mike Cuthill, Jack Walker, Andrew Attah    
Art directors: Tom Geens, Ali Dickinson, Paul Mann, Mike Cuthill, Jack Walker, Andrew Attah
Planner: n/a
Media agency: n/a
Media planner: n/a
Media spend: n/a
Production company: LOKI
Director: Tom Geens
Lighting cameraman: Sam Care
Editor: Spencer Ferszt, Marshall Street
Illustrator: n/a
Post-production: Jungle
Soundtrack composer: Peaches & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Audio post-production: Mike Bamford, Jungle
Exposure: Online
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