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Community Corner: London Productions Celebrate at APA Show

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London, UK
Check out some of the world-class talent the UK has to offer

Hardworking associations bring the industry together. That's why LBB has created COMMUNITY CORNER to show what local advertising and production organisations have been up to and give them a voice in the global creative conversation.

Last week, the APA Show brought together 800 of the advertising industry’s most talented and glamorous to celebrate the best work of the year at the Guildhall.

As always, this year’s APA Collection premiered at the event, showcasing an hour of the best advertising from British production companies and agencies. It was a great reminder of the world-class talent the UK has to offer. A reel of 44 commercials were screened, including some of the most outstanding films of the year, such as Channel 4’s ‘We’re The Superhumans’ trailer for the Paralympics and the inspiring Bodyform - ‘Blood’.

Next, the APA Collection will be seen at advertising events and screenings around the world, and in the special Shots DVD, to promote the UK production industry.

In a speech introducing the collection, APA Chief Executive Steve Davies commented on the tumultuous year the industry, as well as the wider world, is experiencing: “We'd had a slow first six months of the year and the expectation was that we would vote to remain [in the European Union], brands would release the handbrake and we would see a substantial flow of work.

“What we saw on Brexit winning was uncertainty. As someone said, Brexit means Brexit...but what does Brexit mean? Let’s face it, no one knows.

“Uncertainty is our enemy because it inhibits brands from spending, so all bad news… except that ad spend and activity among APA members has been sharply up since the Brexit vote. Why? I think the answer is that uncertainty is the new certainty – everyone can see that this turmoil will last for many years, so advertisers can't wait for it be resolved, they just have to get on with selling stuff.

“Tonight’s show demonstrates, once again, that despite the challenges of budgets and uncertainty, we have a great industry here making great commercials and, as ever, this is an opportunity to take a few hours out from battling at the coal face to celebrate that.”

After the screening, the legendary party began, complete with exquisite food, music, dancing and free-flowing drinks for all. Here are some of the best snaps from the night’s frivolities.

Head to the APA’s Facebook page for the complete gallery. 

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