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Common Sense Media, Camp + King Assures Parents

Advertising Agency
San Francisco, United States
Centerpiece Spot Asks Whether Kids Are Watching the Right Movies

Following a well-received inaugural round of PSA spots for Common Sense Media, creative boutique Camp + King’s newest work for the nonprofit features relatable situations involving children and media use that promise to resonate with parents.


The centerpiece spot features a striking juxtaposition: an adorable little girl in her bedroom, surrounded by a menagerie of stuffed animals. Opening her mouth, her gaze and voice growing in intensity, she quotes a fictitious movie, mimicking a violent scene between gangsters, with her stuffed animals acting as her cohorts. The spot ends with a question: “Are your kids watching the right movies? Go to to find out." 


The other three spots constituting Common Sense Media’s new campaign debuted recently and will run throughout 2013 on network and cable TV (nationally on DIRECTV, NBC and NBCUniversal's cable channels, as well as through Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable), nationally online through Hulu and in movie theaters. They communicate the importance of teaching kids what’s appropriate to share online, as well as finding a healthy balance with technology. One showcases a family gathered around the dinner table – and a man passing around an inappropriate photo sent online by the teenage boy seated to his right. Another features a young boy bouncing in front of the toilet, his mother shrilly imploring her partner to bring them a device – because their son “won’t go without the tablet.”


All of the spots convey that Common Sense Media understands the difficulties and uncertainties that today’s media and technology create for families and, by providing helpful information, can help them achieve peace of mind. Whether by helping parents find the right entertainment for their kids, helping them teach their kids how to use new tech devices appropriately, or answering their questions about what media and technology usage is healthy and age-appropriate for kids, parents and educators will find to be an informative, unbiased, nonpartisan guide.


“It’s funny because it’s true – this is completely the case with parenthood,” said Roger Camp, Camp + King’s Executive Creative Director, also a parent.


“The ‘We’ve All Been There’ campaign has been a big hit: It delivers our message in a disarming and funny way, so parents can see that we’re on their side, rather than feeling judged,” said Colby Zintl, Common Sense Media’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “It has helped boost our brand awareness and site traffic significantly, and we’re delighted to expand the campaign with this new slate of spots. They raise the bar on being provocative and hilarious, and we expect them to have just as great an impact.”


Camp + King’s prior work for Common Sense Media included six spots that appeared beginning in April 2012 on television, online and in movie theaters, as well as print ads and radio spots. In an election year when coverage can be hard to achieve, the nonprofit maintained substantial donations of PSA media support and the campaign received more airtime than expected.


Camp + King is a Havas-aligned creative boutique located in San Francisco and launched by Roger Camp and Jamie King in February 2011. Clients include Capital One, Old Navy and Zoosk. More details are at

Client: Common Sense Media

Agency: Camp + King

Chief Creative Officer: Roger Camp

Chief Executive Officer: Jamie King

Creative Director: Adam Koppel

Creative Director: Rikesh Lal

Copywriter: Justin Lee

Art Director: Chris Nash

Producer: Dora Lee

Brand Director: Lindsay Menasco

Brand Manager: Amy Marek

Director of Conversation Insights: Anne Tway

Production: Go Films

Director: Jeff Tomsic

Director of Photography: Steve Calitri

Production Designer: Michael Bricker

Executive Producer:  Catherine Finkenstaedt

Executive Producer:  Gary Rose

Editorial: Umlaut Films

Editor: Doug Cox

Executive Producer: Kelly Gibbs

Producer: PJ Sodaski

Assistant Editor: Jeremy Kaller

Music: Beta Petrol for all the endings; Extreme Music for "Movie"

Audio Mix: One Union

Audio Engineer: Matthew Zipkin

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