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Colenso BBDO Named Among Top 10 Contagious Pioneers 2020
Advertising Agency
Auckland, New Zealand
This is the sixth time the agency has been listed in the prestigious list

Contagious has once again rounded-up the 10 best and bravest agencies on the planet for its annual Pioneers list. Colenso BBDO has been named in the list for the sixth year in a row based on Puppo ‘Every Dog Has Its Ad’.

Puppo, which provides personalised dog-food to its subscribers, created a campaign targeting every single dog in New York – 100,729 unique ads in total. Working with Colenso BBDO Auckland, Puppo made a bespoke ad for every dog registered in NYC using data from the NYC Dog Licensing Dataset, which records the name, age, breed, borough and zip code of each dog in the city.

Each ad stated the name and breed of each dog along with a health benefit of using Puppo’s services. For example one ad read: ‘Hi Daisy. Get a feast for Collies who want a coat worth barking about.’

At the bottom of each ad was a QR code that could be scanned with a smartphone and took the owner to Puppo’s website. Owners were targeted by zip code and posters were placed within dig-walking distance from their homes.

Contagious creates this list by rigorously analysing the campaigns featured on Contagious I/O, its online intelligence tool.

Agencies are evaluated on a range of metrics, including the number campaigns featured on I/O over the past year and whether the agencies are represented by work for numerous clients or just one.

But it all comes down to the work, as it should.

The 2020 Contagious Pioneers (in alphabetical order) are:

Africa, São Paulo
BETC, Paris
CHE Proximity, Australia
Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Dentsu Webchutney, India
Droga5, New York
Happiness, Brussels
McCann, New York
The Brooklyn Brothers, London
VMLY&R, Kansas City

Commenting on this year’s Pioneers list, Alex Jenkins, Contagious’ editorial director, said: “We only cover a small proportion of the campaigns that we see. To make it onto I/O consistently, to create campaigns that serve as inspiration for the industry, and to do it for numerous clients, takes dedication and talent. That’s what we’re recognising and rewarding with our Contagious Pioneers list.” Continue reading on Contagious…

Work from Colenso BBDO