Coke's Tongue-In-Cheek Ad Takes a Licking

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System1 takes a look at how the wacky Coke ad faired with its Ad Ratings service, tracking responses that include disgust, contempt, and happiness
Coke's Tongue-In-Cheek Ad Takes a Licking

Tongues have been wagging in the System1 office over Coke’s new ad, in which a young person takes a swig of the drink and finds herself whisked down her personal memory lane accompanied by a colossal animatronic tongue. Not the subtlest of ideas: the strategy in this case (“taste the feeling”) isn’t just showing, it’s dancing, nudging, munching popcorn, bungee jumping and shoving you down a mountain.

What do people think of it, though? Within a day of airing, the spot showed up on our Ad Ratings service, which tests every new ad on US and UK TV (in major categories) to predict short- and long-term effectiveness.

Every ad on Ad Ratings gets a Star Rating representing the potential of the creative to amplify spend and drive long-term growth. It runs from 5-Stars (which is exceptional but very rare) down to 1-Star (which is poor but very common).